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Federal judge dismisses CAIR legal demand to stop college from teaching truth about jihad.


US District Judge Susan M. Brnovich has dismissed the Council on American Islamic Relations' lawsuit which sought an injunction to prevent a Maricopa County Community College professor from teaching the truth about terror committed by Islamists.  The judge’s  dismissal order is posted here

Florida Family Association launched an online campaign with several email alerts that asked people to encourage Judge Susan M. Brnovich to dismiss the case.   The Florida Family Association campaign stated in part: 

CAIR continues to try to enforce Sharia law against non-Muslims, sues to censor college over professor’s teaching about Islamist terror history.

The Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR) continues to relentlessly attempt to enforce the Sharia law prohibition against criticizing Islam even when the facts are correct.  CAIR is suing Scottsdale Community College on behalf of a Muslim student over “an anti-Muslim professor’s unconstitutional condemnations of Islam during a Political Science class.”  CAIR’s COURT COMPLAINT is seeking a restraining order to stop the curriculum about Islamist terror from being taught. 

A restraining order under these circumstances would have devastating consequences for hundreds of non-profit educational organizations and thousands of churches and synagogues that report or teach about Islamist terrorism.  If the judge grants the restraining order CAIR would most certainly file lawsuits across the country seeking to censor a host of organizations, churches and synagogues that counter jihad and the Islamist political agenda in America.  It is more than ironic that Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood-linked and terror-linked Council On American Islamic Relations is suing to censor academic teaching about Islamist terrorism.  It is alarming.

Defendants’ MOTION TO DISMISS states in part:  While it is understandable that Plaintiffs may be upset by discussion of views that they consider to be “radical” or outside the “mainstream” of Islam, censoring academic speech is dangerous, wrong, and antithetical to academic freedom—a “special concern” under the First Amendment.  Indeed, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction failed to cite even a single case that has accepted their argument, making it—literally—unprecedented.

Oral argument on the motion to dismiss the petition for a temporary restraining order has been set for August 18, 2020 in Courtroom 506, 401 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003 before Judge Susan M Brnovich.

Florida Family Association prepared an email for people to send that urged Judge Susan M Brnovich to dismiss this case which strikes at the heart of the first Amendment.  The email stated:   Please safeguard First Amendment rights in Sabra et al v. Maricopa County Community College.  Honorable Judge Brnovich, I urge you to dismiss the petition for a restraining order in Sabra et al v. Maricopa County Community College District et al.  Such judicial censorship of academic speech is unprecedented.  It would open the door for CAIR to file lawsuits against hundreds of non-profit educational organizations and thousands of churches and synagogues that report or teach about Islamist terrorism.

Judge Susan M. Brnovich was nominated on January 23, 2018 by President Donald Trump to an undetermined seat on the United States District Court for the District of Arizona on January 23, 2018. She received her judicial commission on October 23, 2018.

A special thanks to everyone who sent emails to encourage the judge to dismiss the case.

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