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Florida Family Association's achievements.

Florida Family Association's 2018 Achievements.

Influenced 943 out of 976 companies to stop advertising at Huffingtonpost.com.  Huffington Post  calls  America’s  military  racists,  fundraises  for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes Islamist propaganda. Huffington Post propaganda mocks, belittles and blames people who are concerned about radical Islam in a manner that impairs the willingness of some people to speak up for public safety.  Florida Family Association started sending emails in April 2016  to  encourage  the  CEO  and   Marketing   Vice   President   of   companies   that   advertise  at  Huffingtonpost.com  to  stop supporting the website's propaganda with its advertising dollars.  Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool  Islamists  use  to influence  Americans  to  ignore  advancement of Sharia doctrine in America.  It intimidates people to the point of stifling free speech in a manner that hurts public safety.   Fear of being branded an Islamophobe played a role in suppressing communications that may have saved the lives of 63 Jihad victims in San Bernardino and Orlando.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.
Influenced 371 out of 380 companies to stop advertising at Aljazeera.com.  Al Jazeera, whose leaders espouse hate for Israel, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news company that is owned  by  the  non-democratic,  monarch  styled  emirate of Qatar.  Qatar allows wealthy citizens to financially support ISIS, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, backs the head of Hamas, espouses Islamic Sharia law and does not afford citizens freedom of the press.  Eighty one percent of 38,000 respondents to an Al Jazeera  survey  said  they  support  ISIS.   Many of Al Jazeera's  employees  have  actively supported al-Qaida, Hamas and other terrorist groups.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are demanding that Qatar take numerous steps to cut their support for terrorism including the closure Al Jazeera.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Mattel's  hijab  clad  Barbie  did  NOT make it to the market place.   Mattel  announced on November 14, 2017  that  it  would  release a new hijab clad Barbie doll.  Florida Family Association responded by launching an online campaign.  Thousands of people sent emails to Mattel’s officers and directors  that  stated  in  part:   “I  am very disappointed that Mattel is developing a hijab clad Barbie because  the  hijab  embodies  Islamist  oppression.    The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.  I urge Mattel to abandon its plans to market the hijab clad Barbie in 2018.  My future patronage depends upon  your  decision.”   A search of Wal-Mart, Target and online searches for the Ibtihaj Muhammad Barbie  failed  to  show  the  doll  being  sold  as  of  April  5, 2018  almost five months after Mattel’s announcement.  All previous searches also resulted in negative findings.   Perhaps Mattel received enough  emails,  Facebook  posts  and  phone   calls  that  they  decided not to pursue production and distribution of the Hijab Barbie.   Thankfully, Mattel's Hijab clad Barbie did not make it to the market place.   Full report.

Encouraged Judge Brett Kavanaugh to stand his ground through his confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.  Over 5,200 people sent emails thru FloridaFamily.org to encourage him to stand his ground and know there are millions of people who do not believe leftist media lies.  The left  was  clearly  out  to  torment Judge Kavanaugh and his family with the goal of influencing him to withdraw.  His withdrawal at that stage of the nomination and confirmation process could have been fatal to balancing the United States Supreme Court with a majority of conservative justices given the possibility of losing the majority in the United States Senate on November 6, 2018.  It appears that Judge  Kavanaugh  made  note  of Florida Family Association’s supporters’ emails during his confirmation ceremony.  First, Judge Kavanaugh thanked President Donald Trump,  Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley, top U.S. Senate supporter Senator Lindsey Graham, several other senators,  his  wife,  children and parents.  Then Judge Kavanaugh thanked the thousands of people who expressed support for him throughout the confirmation process.  The thousands of people who expressed support  for  him  includes  over  5,200 Florida Family Association email subscribers who sent emails to encourage him to stand firm.  For the first time in this degeneration the United States Supreme Court will have a conservative majority.   Full report.

Successfully countered David Hogg’s attack on Laura Ingraham’s advertisers.  David Hogg, Stoneman  Douglas  High School student and now gun control, pro-illegal alien, anti-conservative, and anti-Republican activist launched vitriolic attacks on conservatives across the country. Hogg believed that he  had  the  right  to  a  “safe  space”  to launch fiery, expletive words at conservatives.  However, when Laura Ingraham criticized Hogg on Twitter, Hogg went after her advertisers.  Florida Family Association stands with Laura Ingraham because Laura Ingraham stands strong for our values.  Several Florida Family Association campaigns generated thousands of emails to companies threatened by David Hogg and the leftist money behind him.  Florida Family Association’s email supporters influenced several of the few companies that had stopped advertising on Laura Ingraham to start again including Ace Hardware.  Full report.

Continued to successfully counter Media Matters’ attack on Sean Hannity.    Media Matters claimed that Office Depot-Office Max had “ceased advertising.”  Florida Family Association stands with Sean  Hannity  because  Sean  Hannity  stands  strong for our values.  Florida Family Association has countered Media Matters’ opposition to the Sean Hannity Show since June 2017.   Several Florida Family Association campaigns generated thousands of emails to companies threatened by Media Matters.   Florida Family Association’s email supporters influenced several of the limited few companies that had stopped advertising on Hannity to start again including Office Depot-Office Max.  Full report.

Urged the successful termination of a leftist NYU professor who put ICE employees and their families in harm’s way.  Samuel Lavigne, a NYU Tisch School of the Arts adjunct professor,  put 1,595  ICE  employees’ and their families’ safety at risk by posting their personal information online.  Florida  Family Association  responded  by  sending  out  several  email  alerts  in  July  and August that encouraged thousands of people to send emails to NYU officers and dozens of trustees regarding Professor Sam  Lavigne's  hostile actions toward ICE employees and their families.  Samuel Lavigne is no longer employed by NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  Florida Family Association called NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts on September 19, 2018 and was informed Lavigne did not work there.  Full report.

Successfully encouraged L’Oréal to pull the plug on a hijab promotion.   L’Oréal Paris used hijab clad model, Amena Khan, to promote hair products for the first time.  Florida Family Association sent out an email alert that encouraged thousands of people to send emails to L’Oréal officials.  The  emails   informed  L’Oréal:   “It  appears  the  intent  of  this  campaign  is  to  promote tolerance of a controversial symbol of Islamist oppression more than it is to sell the hair product.  First of all, the hijab covers up the very hair that L’Oréal’s product is supposed to improve.  So how is the visual of a hijab covering the woman’s hair helpful to selling hair products?  Secondly, HuffPost clearly identified the motive for this campaign  when  it  reported the ‘tremendous strides’ L’Oréal is taking by having ‘the first woman’ wearing a hijab to promote a hair product.  L’Oréal pulled the hijab promotion less than 48 hours after Florida Family Association launched its email campaign.  Full report.

Urged a magistrate judge to deny bail to five people suspected of planning jihad, possessing illegal  weapons  and  child  abuse  at  a  New  Mexico Islamist compound.   Florida Family Association  sent  out  an alert on September 10, 2018 titled “US Judge gives defense lawyers time to prepare for detention and preliminary hearings for New Mexico jihadis.”  The alert urged thousands of people to send emails to encourage the magistrate judge to deny bail.  Florida Family Association was concerned that the magistrate judge in the case may follow the actions of a New Mexico State Court by releasing the defendants on bail.  The magistrate judge ordered on September 12, 2018 that all five adults arrested after an August 3, 2018 raid at a compound in Taos County with 11 malnourished children be detained while awaiting trial on firearms-related charges.  Following the judge’s ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa told attorneys “for at least some of the defendants that she may consider releasing them to a third party if one comes forward and is willing to board them while the case is litigated” thus confirming Florida Family Association’s concern.  Full report.

Successfully urged Red Lobster to ignore CAIR bullying.  CAIR failed to bully Red Lobster into sensitizing its employees regarding Islam after thousands of people sent emails that urged the company to  stand  its  ground.  CAIR  demanded that Red Lobster sensitize its employees regarding Islam after accusing the company of discriminating against Muslims.  CAIR also demanded that Red Lobster force its employees to take sensitivity training so they can comply with the Sharia tenet that harshly forbids criticism of Islam.  Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on June 18, 2018 and published a newsletter article in July titled “CAIR demands that Red Lobster sensitize its employees regarding Islam. Please urge Red Lobster to stand its ground.”    Thousands of people sent emails, postcards and letters that urged Red Lobster  to  stand  its  ground  against  CAIR’s  unreasonable  demands.  If CAIR had succeeded with the bullying of another American corporation the Muslim organization would certainly have run it up the flagpole for all to see like it does with every other issue.  However they did not.  Full report.

Countered Macy’s launch of hijab friendly fashion line, the first major retailer to do so.   Macy’s  started  selling a hijab friendly fashion line in March 2018.  Macy’s said that it was “our goal to reflect the broad spectrum of our population, providing fashion, value and superior customer service to all.”  If Macy’s is truly “committed” to “diversity” and its "goal is to reflect the broad spectrum of our population" where is Macy’s clothing lines for the Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist communities?  The hijab exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  It  is  a  symbol  of  the  cruel creed that it represents.  Florida Family Association launched an email campaign to urge Macy’s to stop promoting the Islamist attire.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered Hyatt’s plans to ban groups from holding meetings and banquets if the groups criticize Islam.  Muslim groups may have won their first major victory in censoring Judeo-Christian and patriotic groups that hold meetings in hotels.  Hyatt announced that it plans to ban certain “hate groups” after Muslim Advocates pressed hotels to stop doing business with them.  The Council on American Islamic Relations has hundreds of articles posted on its news release web page that openly and aggressively  attack  government  officials,  companies,  teachers, professors, candidates for office and individuals who dare say anything negative about Islam, Sharia law or Muhammad.  See CAIR releases here: https://www.cair.com/press_releases  Where is Hyatt’s concern about the people CAIR attacks?  Given CAIR’s radical history, links to terrorism and hostility towards opponents of Islam it is outrageous that Hyatt has adopted such an  anti-First  Amendment,  anti-America  public policy.  Such a ban follows the Sharia tenet which calls for strong punishment of anyone who criticizes Islam or Muhammad.  Sharia law, which is a combination of the Quran and fatwas, calls for punitive treatment of people who criticize Islam.  Florida Family Association sent out alerts that encouraged people to send emails that urged Hyatt officials to reconsider its plans to censor Christian, Jewish and conservative groups.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered CAIR’s demand that Department of Homeland Security stop profiling Sunni Muslims.  The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a press release titled CAIR Calls on DHS to Revise or Drop Report Targeting Muslim Immigrants, Residents with Long-Term Profiling and Surveillance.  The Council on American Islamic Relations has no credibility to demand that a report which is intended to prevent terrorism be revised or dropped given its terror links and associations with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.  Many Council on American Islamic Relations' officials have been sentenced to prison and/or deported for supporting terrorism.  The United Arab Emirates’ ministerial cabinet listed the Council on American-Islamic Relations as one of 83 banned terrorist organizations on November 15, 2014.  Florida Family Association launched a campaign to counter CAIR’s demand that Department of Homeland Security revise or drop a report urging authorities to target Sunni Muslims in America for long-term profiling.   Full report.

Encouraged the Texas Workforce Commission to reject CAIR’s complaint against Dillards for allegedly not hiring a woman who demanded to wear a hijab on the sales floor.  The Council on American Islamic Relations filed a complaint against Dillards with the Texas Workforce Commission for allegedly declining to hire a Muslim woman who insisted on wearing her hijab on the sales floor.  Florida Family Association sent out alerts that encouraged people to send emails to Texas Workforce Commissioners.  The emails stated in part:   “The hijab is headwear that departs from a values neutral dress policy in a manner that could diminish a company’s ability to attract the greatest number of customers.  Businesses are more likely to maximize sales if its personnel are not wearing attire that sets them  apart  from  the public at large.  To many people including many Muslim women, the hijab is headwear that embodies Islamist oppression.  The truth is the hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.”  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered  CAIR  lawsuit against multiple federal agencies to stop counter-terrorism measures that protect American travelers.  The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a news release titled: “CAIR Files Broad Challenge to Watchlisting System, Including TSA's Quiet Skies Program.”  CAIR’s press release on the filing of this lawsuit states:  “Quiet Skies punishes those who,  through family,  community  or  the  workplace,  have  relationships  with individuals the federal government has designated as a ‘known or suspected terrorist.’”  Florida Family Association launched an email campaign to encourage people to send emails to respectfully ask District Judge Paula Xinis  to  make public safety the priority and keep air travel safe in El Ali et al v. Sessions et al.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered  Unilever  owned  Ben & Jerry’s  sponsorship of  Visit My Mosque Day that promoted Islamic propaganda.  Benjerry.co.uk posted an article titled Visit My Mosque  Day:  Why We Should All Try a Different Flavour that encouraged people to visit a mosque on February 18, 2018.  The  article  states  in  part:  “Here at Ben & Jerry's we love nothing more than trying new flavours, swapping  scoops  and  experiencing life on the other side of the cone. After all, we don't live in a one flavour world, and we think that new experiences brings us closer together, no matter what your religion or race!  Our friends at the Muslim Council of Britain have come up with an ingenious idea to build bridges between communities. On 18th February, mosques across the country will open their doors to their neighbours for Visit My Mosque day.  Everyone's welcome to come in and learn more about Islam and mosques in the UK.”  The founder of the Muslim Council of Britain (Ben & Jerry’s “friends”) was sentenced  to death for war crimes in Bangladesh but Great Britain refused to extradite him.  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign to educate Unilever officials about the Muslim Council of Britain and urge it to reconsider promoting Islam.  Full report.

Countered terrorist lawsuit against Bureau of Prisons that demands right to Salah Muslim prayer times. The Investigative Project On Terrorism reports the ability to radicalize other inmates is a clear and present danger to the security of the prison and to the country.  The Investigative Project on Terrorism published an article titled Another Terrorist Sues the Bureau of Prisons.  The article states in part:   “Add convicted terrorist Rafiq Sabir to the growing list of incarcerated radical Islamic terrorists who are suing the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for allegedly violating their rights.”   Victor A. Bolden, United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut, is presiding over Sabir v. Williams et al, Case No. 3:17-CV-00749 (VAB).  Salah prayer is a tenet of Sharia law.  Many   tenets   of   Sharia   law  are  antithetical  to  the  rights afforded citizens by the United States Constitution.  Islamists are filing law suits across America with the goal of judicially institutionalizing Sharia law.    Florida Family Association launched an email campaign that asks United States District Judge  Victor  A.  Bolden  to  make  public  safety the priority  over  political  correctness and the U.S. Constitution the law over Sharia prayer tenets.   This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered CAIR’s lawsuit that seeks to force NYPD to allow women to wear hijabs during official arrest photographs.  Allowing any person alleged to have committed a crime and being admitted to prison to wear any headgear that obstructs the full identity of the perpetrator during the official arrest photograph defies logic and threatens public safety.   In particular to this lawsuit, a hijab blocks hair length, hair color, hair texture, ear size, ear shape and birth marks.  A full, unobstructed arrest photo is crucial to properly identify the inmate while in prison and track the accused through the criminal justice process.  A full arrest photo is also valuable for current and future investigations, crime prevention and public safety.  This project will continue in 2019 if court declines NYPD's motion to dismiss.

Countered Gap’s marketing scheme that used a young girl wearing the oppressive, Sharia mandated hijab to push diversity.  Gap Kids released a back-to-school commercial first in the United States then later in France that showed a bunch of teenagers wearing denim clothes.  One of the models wore a hijab.  In France, the GAP hijab campaign horrified the secular country. Not only was it denounced, a boycott was even launched.  A petition against the ad called “The veil is not child’s play” was  also  started  on Change.org.  The French know more so than Americans that  hijab exemplifies Islamist  oppression  towards  women  that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  Nearly 60% of Muslim women in America do not wear a hijab.  The Quran does not mandate or even mention the hijab.  The hijab is forced upon women along with other  oppressive  tenets  by  Islamists  through  Sharia  law and  fatwas.   Gap should not promote the oppressive hijab especially to young girls who still have a choice not to surrender to the repressive attire and Sharia.  Full report.

Countered CAIR discrimination complaint filed to force USA Boxing to accept Sharia sanctioned beard.  The Michigan Chapter of Council on American Islamic Relations filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil rights against USA Boxing after officials rejected a Muslim boxer’s  demand for special privilege to wear a beard during the Golden Gloves Tournament.  Several Islamic authorities contend that wearing a beard is a choice for many Muslims.  However, wearing a beard  is  a  custom  that some Muslims have institutionalized as a Sharia edict.  When the Michigan Muslim boxer decided to grow out his beard in accordance with his Sharia based belief, he knew that such  facial  hair  is  against  the  league’s  rules concerning the required headgear.  CAIR Michigan is attempting to force USA Boxing to change rules based upon a personal preference that is pushed by Islamist Sharia.  Many tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded all Americans under the United  States Constitution.  Florida Family Association launched an email campaign to encourage Michigan  Department  of  Civil Rights commissioners to affirm USA Boxing’s policy that prohibits boxers from wearing beards.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Countered CAIR demands that Mississippi allow a man to wear Islamic kufi hat in driver’s license photo.   The Council on American Islamic Relations issued a press release titled:  "CAIR Calls on Mississippi to Allow Islamic Head Covering in Driver’s License Photos."  The release states in part:  "Despite notifying DPS employees that the kufi was a religious head covering, DPS forced the Muslim customer  to  remove  his  kufi  in  violation  of his sincerely-held religious belief."  The kufi, which originated  in  African  cultural,  is  NOT  specific  to Islam, NOT required for Islamic worship and NOT mandatory for Muslim men.  Allowing any person to wear any headgear that obstructs the full identity of a person in their official state identification defies logic and could threaten public safety.   A kufi blocks the full view of the head including the amount of hair, amount of baldness, hair texture, hair color and birth marks.  A full, unobstructed official identification photo is crucial for law enforcement to properly identify people and is valuable for future investigations, crime prevention and public safety.  Some tenets of Islamic law emphasize the wearing of the kufi by Muslim men.  Florida Family Association launched an  email  campaign to encourage the Mississippi Governor and Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety to make public safety a priority over political correctness and the U.S. Constitution the law over Sharia dress code.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Urged President Donald Trump AGAIN to determine if CAIR should be designated as a terrorist   organization.    Florida Family Association sent a letter to President Donald Trump which stated in part:  “Dear President Trump, We respectfully request that you conduct an investigation based upon the following facts and other intelligence to determine if  the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) should be designated as a terrorist organization.”   The letter provided numerous facts regarding CAIR’s terror links.  An online campaign was launched where thousands of people sent emails, posted messages at President  Trump’s  Facebook  page  and the White House contact page.  This project will continue in 2019.

Christianpost.org reports the following regarding Florida Family Association:  “Don't let the name deceive you. Florida Family Association is a national organization that harnesses online  citizen activism through its massive email list to change organizations through economic and public pressure. They urge companies not to advertise on the Islamic terror apologist network Al Jazeera,  remind  universities  to  support  free speech and not cancel films and speakers critical of Islamism, and hold the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) feet to the fire for their leaders past support for terrorism and saying Muslims are above the law of the land.”  Christianpost.org report.

The  Council on American Islamic Relations reports the following in their Islamophobia Report about Florida Family Association:  “The Florida Family Association, founded in 1987 by David Caton, has pressured companies and courts to  adhere  to  anti-Muslim  practices.  Despite  operating only in Florida, FFA has garnered national attention. FFA is part of the U.S. Islamophobia network's inner core.”  CAIR report.

Summary of some prior years long term efforts.

Influenced OVER 3,200 COMPANIES to STOP advertising on irresponsible radio and television programs resulting in several shows being removed from the air including the ones listed below.  Florida Family Association's monitoring software sends an average of 6,000 emails to the ceos and marketing vps of advertising companies each month.  Supporters sent tens of thousands of emails to advertisers each month.

• Action - Fox
• All-American Muslim - TLC Click here for info.
• Centerfold Babylon - VH1
• Biography Traci Lords - A&E
• Blue Mountain State - SpikeTV Click here for into.
• Ellen (sitcom) - ABC
• Erin Sommer's "Passion Phones" radio
• Girls Gone Wild Uncovered - VH1
• Glenn Martin DDS - Nickolodeon, Comedy Central, MTV2  Click here for info.
• Howard Stern - WB, UPN, CBS television affiliates and FM Florida radio affiliates.
• Hugh Hefner American Playboy - A&E
• Inside the Playboy Mansion - A&E, History
• Jenna Jameson Confessions - VH1
• Noah's Arc (about 4 gay men) LOGO
• Playboy Club - NBC Click here for info.
• Playboy's Celebrity Centerfolds - A&E
• Playboy's Girls Next Door - E! Click here for info.
• Porn N' Chicken - Comedy Central.
• Porn to Rock - VH1
• Porn to Rock and Rap - VH1
• Porn to Rock II - VH1
• Rated "A" for Adult - G4TV Click here for info.
• Ron & Ron radio show
• RuPaul's Drag Race Show - VH1 & Centric Click here for info.
• Sexiest Beaches
• Shot at Love with Tila Tequila - MTV
• Skins - MTV  Click here for info.
• Sordid Lives - LOGO
• The Man Show - Comedy Central, G4TV
• Tila Tequila's Spring Break Fantasy - MTV
• TransAmerican Love Story - LOGO
• Transform Me VH1 - Click here for info.
• Undressed - MTV
• When Playboy Ruled the World - VH1
• Wild On (over 30 programs) E!

Influenced 12 major oil companies to adopt Marketing Agreement terms that prohibit the sale of pornography by independent retailers who sell their brand of gasoline at approximately 100,000 locations.  To read each oil company's letter to Florida Family Association stating their Marketing Agreement terms that prohibit the sale of pornography click on the following links:   Amoco   BP    Chevron    Citgo   Conoco   ExxonMobil   Hess   Marathon   Murphy  Phillips   Sunoco    Texaco

Influenced over 35,000 stores to STOP selling pornographic magazines including but not limited to the following stores (click on linked store names for documentation):

7 Eleven
Amoco Split Second
Country Cupboard
Cumberland Farms
EZ Serve
• Farm Stores
Handy Foods
Kash n' Karry
• Lil Champ
Majik Mart
• Super Stop Stores
• Sprint
Starvin Marvin
Swifty Serve
• Texaco Food Mart
• The Pantry



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