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With America’s future at stake in the 2020 presidential election there is something everyone can do to influence the results.

The challenge of the 2020 presidential election the outcome of which will depend on the greatest number of likeminded people  casting a ballot by state.  Florida Family Association  urges you to begin now to identify likeminded  family  and  friends  who  may need encouragement, reminding or assistance to vote.  If everyone who receives this newsletter helped just one person to vote it would be many times more than the 527 people who gave George W. Bush the victory in Florida in the 2000 Presidential Election.

George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election with  271 electoral  votes versus Al Gore’s 266 electoral votes.  Bush won by 5 electoral votes.   The State of Florida has 25 electoral votes.  George W. Bush won the presidential election with only 5 electoral votes to spare.  George W. Bush beat Al Gore in Florida by 527 votes.  Bush won Florida by less than 10 votes per Florida’s 67 counties.  

As you can see from the 2000 presidential election voter turnout plays a huge role in election results.  The more people of a like mind who vote by state determines the election outcome.

Unfortunately, the 2000 presidential election did not have the biased influence that many analysts are speculating that Google and Facebook will have on the  2020  presidential  election.   Google  and Facebook’s well known bias makes it all the more important  that you encourage, remind and help likeminded family and friends to vote.  And please don’t rely just on social media, with its bias, to communicate with family and friends.  Good old phone calls, emails and personal visits are crucial.

Florida Family Association, Inc. is a 501C3 nonprofit corporation.  As such, the Internal Revenue Service code prohibits Florida Family Association, Inc. from endorsing or opposing candidates for office or   publishing   reports   that  applaud  or   criticize candidates running for office.
However, Florida Family Association can encourage you to get the vote out of likeminded people.   Now is the time to start determining who needs encouragement, reminding or help to vote in the November 3, 2020  presidential  election.  

There are many young people and working families with busy schedules who need to be reminded of the importance to vote.  There are numerous elderly and disabled people who could use a helping hand.  And some  people  need  be  certain   they  are   properly registered to vote in the county in which they live if they recently moved.

One of the easiest ways to vote is by absentee ballot.  Simply encourage your family member or friend to call the supervisor of elections and request that they receive an absentee ballot.  Having that person’s supervisor of elections  phone  number in  hand to give to them is helpful.   A follow up call to that family member or friend to ask if they need help completing and returning the ballot by mail or verifying that they mailed it may make the difference in them casting their vote.

Voting early in states where it is offered is another way to vote without having to stand in long lines on election day.   Determining where a family member or friend can  vote early and providing the address  to them or offering to go  vote  with  them  or  take  them  could  make the difference.

The stakes are too high to take anything for granted in the 2020 election.  Please encourage, remind and help likeminded family and friends to vote in the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

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