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Florida Family Association 2019 Achievements.

Florida Family Association achieved many of its goals in 2019.

During 2019 Florida Family Association:

Influenced 1,132 out of 1,161 companies to  stop  advertising  at  Huffingtonpost.com.  Huffington Post calls America’s military racists, fundraises  for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes Islamist propaganda. Huffington Post propaganda mocks, belittles and blames people who are concerned about radical Islam in a manner that impairs the willingness of some people to speak up for public safety.  Florida Family Association started sending emails in April 2016  to  encourage  the  CEO  and   Marketing   Vice   President   of   companies   that   advertise  at  Huffingtonpost.com  to  stop supporting the website's propaganda with its customers’ money.  Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool  Islamists  use  to influence  Americans  to  ignore  advancement of Sharia doctrine in America.  It intimidates people to the point of stifling free speech in a manner that hurts public  safety.   Fear of being branded an Islamophobe played a role in suppressing communications that may have saved the lives of 63 Jihad victims in San Bernardino and Orlando.  This project will continue in 2020.  Full report.
Influenced 531 out of 538 companies to stop advertising at Aljazeera.com aka Al Jazeera America.  Aljazeera.com is referred to as Al Jazeera America by web news feeds.  Al Jazeera, whose leaders espouse hate for Israel, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news company that is owned  by  the  non-democratic,  monarch  styled  emirate of Qatar.  Qatar allowed wealthy citizens to financially  support  ISIS,  supported  the  Muslim Brotherhood, backed the head of Hamas, espouses Islamic  Sharia  law  and  does not afford citizens freedom of the press.  Eighty one percent of 38,000 respondents to an Al Jazeera  survey  said  they  support  ISIS.   Many of Al Jazeera's  employees  have  actively supported al-Qaida, Hamas and other terrorist groups.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt demanded  that Qatar take numerous steps to cut their support for terrorism including the closure Al Jazeera.  This project will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Supported the Covington Catholic High School Students who were falsely and maliciously attacked by leftist media and urged Bishop to also stand.     Initial  video  of  a confrontation between Covington Catholic High School  junior Nick Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips  created  a  firestorm  on  social media, with media pundits from across the political spectrum accusing the student of disrespecting the man. Sandmann is seen grinning in a Make America Great Again  hat while simply standing in front of Phillips, an elder with the Omaha tribe. Yet, subsequent videos showed that the students were not only approached by Phillips first, but were verbally accosted by a group called Black Hebrew Israelites.  Florida  Family Association sent out  alerts on January 22 and 23,  2019  that encouraged thousands of people to send emails to show support for Covington Catholic High School students.  The emails also urged the local Bishop to show support after initially criticizing  the  students.  Thousands of people sent emails.  The Bishop apologized to the students 3 days  later.    Based  on  internet  searches  it  appeared  that Florida Family Association was the only organization that launched an intense national email campaign on this issue.  Full report.

Is countering Council on American  Islamic  Relations’ (CAIR) lawsuit which challenges the validity of the “Terror Watch List” that protects millions of people across the globe.  CAIR sued  the  Department  of  Homeland  Security on April 5, 2016 on behalf of 23 Muslims.  The lawsuit challenged the validity of the Terror Screening Database (TSDB), the official name for the terror watch  list  that is used by law enforcement and the private sector to protect millions of Americans and the citizens of  several  other  countries from terrorism.  On September 4, 2019, U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga issued an initial order declaring that the Terror Screening Database was unconstitutional because it violates the Due Process Clause.  Judge Trenga gave Defendant United States of America and Plaintiff Council on American  Islamic  Relations until November 22, 2019 to file briefs regarding his initial order and their proposals for relief orders.  Judge Trenga will likely issue a final order after considering each parties briefs.   CAIR won the case for its 23 Muslim plaintiffs but NOT yet for the abolition of the entire Terror Screening Database.  CAIR convinced Judge Trenga that there is insufficient evidence to keep its 23 plaintiffs on the TSDB.  However, the United States argues that many of the 23 plaintiffs have not proven how being on the list has deprived them of any liberty and most importantly that plaintiff CAIR is dangerously pushing Judge Trenga to go beyond the 23 plaintiffs, the only people who actually have legal standing in this case.  There are 4,600 Americans and 1.09 million NON-Americans included on the database.  Florida Family Association launched a campaign that has encouraged over 14,000 emails to be sent to urge Judge Trenga to make public safety and national security a priority.  This issue will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Is countering  Council  on  American  Islamic  Relations’ (CAIR)  lawsuit   which   seeks   to invalidate “No Fly List” which protects tens of millions of travelers.  CAIR's  lawsuit  seeks to stop vital counter-terrorism measures that protect American travelers from terrorists and people who are closely tied to them.  CAIR issued a news release in the fall of 2018 titled: CAIR Files Broad Challenge to Watchlisting System, Including TSA's Quiet Skies Program.  CAIR’s press release on the filing of this lawsuit  states:   “Quiet Skies punishes those who—through family, community or the workplace—have relationships with individuals the federal government has designated as a ‘known or suspected terrorist.’”  On December 14, 2018, attorneys representing several federal agencies filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.  CAIR countered with amended complaint.  Federal agencies filed another motion to dismiss the lawsuit.  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign that allows people to send emails to urge the judge to make our public safety the priority by dismissing the case.  This issue will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Countered Media Matters’ attack on Tucker Carlson’s advertisers.  Media Matters' leftist mob out to defund Fox News, the only major conservative cable news, targeted Tucker Carlson advertisers.   On March 10, 2019, Media Matters posted a compilation of audio from Carlson’s appearances on the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” between 2006 -2011.  As usual leftists dug up old information in an attempt to force the firing of Tucker Carlson and weaken Fox News.  Tucker Carlson has brought bold, fact based news  perspectives  to  millions  of  Americans  that no other cable news host has produced.  Tucker has relentlessly  supported  border  protection,  exposed  big  tech  censorship, called out the uncivil, violent behavior of leftists and defended the lives of the unborn while exposing the death culture.  Tucker Carlson has stood strong on many conservative causes.  FFA stood strong for Tucker.  Florida Family Association launched several email alerts that asked thousands of people to urge AstraZeneca, HelloFresh, Nestle, Stein Mart and Long John Silver’s to resume advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Full report.

Successfully countered Huffington Post, New York Times and CAIR attack on Jeanine Pirro.   Leftists and Islamists demanded that Fox News fire Jeanine Pirro for criticizing Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s allegiance to Islam and Sharia law.  CAIR called on all advertisers to boycott Fox News.  Huffington Post reported in part:  “Pirro was slammed after last week’s program when she claimed that the  religious  hijab  worn  by  Rep.  Ilhan  Omar (D-Minn.) may be ‘antithetical to the Constitution.’” Additionally,  the  New  York  Times reports that:  “her monologue questioned a Muslim lawmaker’s loyalty to the United States.”  Jeanine Pirro is correct.  Islamist women, signified by wearing the Sharia mandated hijab,  first  allegiance  is  to  Sharia  law  not the United States Constitution.  Jeanine Pirro certainly has substantial grounds to question Rep. Ilhan Omar’s allegiance to the United States.  Jeanine has boldly confronted serious issues  that  threaten  the  American  way  of  life.  Her fact based news perspectives  influence and motivate millions of Americans to continue to stand strong for Judeo-Christian values.  Jeanine Pirro has stood strong on many conservative causes.   FFA stood strong for Jeanine.  Florida Family Association launched two email alerts that asked thousands of people to send emails to Fox News president who 2 days later restored Jeanine Pirro back to her show.  Full report.

Influenced Michael Kors to discontinue selling its Floral Hijab.  The National reported on March 7, 2019 that Michael Kors “has released its first hijab as part of a spring / summer 2019 capsule collection,  which  will  be  sold  in  stores  across  the Middle East from this month.”  Florida Family Association responded by launching a campaign titled “Michael Kors creates special ‘floral hijab’ to help Muslim women comply with Islamist Sharia mandate.”  The campaign encouraged thousands of people to send emails to express disappointment to Michael Kors officials.  Good News.  NO Floral Hijab was found at Michael Kors' global retail website which includes the United Arab Emirates.  An internet search for the hijab sold by Michael Kors in the Middle East resulted with the finding of “Michael Kors UAE: Designer handbags, clothing, menswear, watches ...”  UAE stands for United Arab Emirates.  This search found Michael Kors' global website which does NOT show the Floral Hijab being offered for sale.  Additionally, Michael Kors' main web site does NOT show the Floral Hijab being sold.  Full report.

Countered law suit that sought to force the United States to allow a woman to return to America after she was a three time ISIS bride in Syria.  Judge Walton dismissed the case on November 14, 2019.   United States Judge Reggie Walton dismissed ISIS bride Hoda Muthana’s lawsuit which was filed on February 26, 2019.  The lawsuit demanded that Hoda Muthana be allowed to return to the United States.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, declared that Muthana was never actually a US citizen — and that, therefore, there’s no legal obligation for the US to take her back, even if it’s to put her on trial.   Florida Family Association sent out several alerts that encouraged people to send emails to urge Judge Walton to  make  national  security  and public  safety the priority in Muthana v. Pompeo by dismissing the case.  10,000 people sent emails that urged Judge Walton to dismiss the case.  Full report.

Challenged United States Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to do more than word games to respond to Rep Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism.  Florida Family Association launched an email campaign that urged people to send emails to Speaker Pelosi which stated  in  part: “I hope that the Democrats in Congress will do more than just utter words of criticism regarding the anti-Semitic diatribes Rep Ilhan Omar  leveled against Israel.  The House of Representatives needs to pass the Strengthening Americas Security in the Middle East Act that was approved with bipartisan support by the United States Senate.  Please support and move for a vote on the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act.”  Unfortunately, Pelosi did neither because the Democratic Party strongly supports radical Islamists.  Full report.

Helped FCDF to  successfully challenge San Diego Unified School District for giving CAIR preferential access to students.
  The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) gave the Council on  American  Islamic  Relations  (CAIR)  unconstitutional  preferential  treatment in an anti-bullying program. The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) filed a lawsuit in 2017 against SDUSD on behalf of several area parents and two interest groups.  The lawsuit argued that working with a religious organization violated the U.S. Constitution's Establishment Clause.  Florida Family Association sent out several alerts that encouraged thousands of people to send emails that urged San Diego Unified School District members to stop giving CAIR undue access to students in violation of the Establishment Clause.   On  March  20,  2019,  FCDF  attorneys  finalized  a  settlement  agreement  that resolved its lawsuit challenging the District’s “Anti-Islamophobia Initiative.”  Full report.

Is  challenging  TBS  NOT to air Middle Eastern (anti-Islamophobe) family comedy pilot after Fox declined the show.   Florida Family Association launched an alert in February 2016 after Variety.com reported “Fox Greenlights Middle Eastern Family Comedy Pilot Starring Nasim Pedrad as Teenage Boy.”  The program was to be titled “Chad: An America Boy.” The alert encouraged people to send emails to urge Fox officials to reconsider their decision to air the show that was likely to contain Islamophobia propaganda.   Fox  killed  the  program  after  receiving thousands of emails.  However, the Futon Critic reported  on  February  11,  2019:  “TBS  Lands  ‘Chad’  Pilot  from  ‘SNL’  Alum Nasim Pedrad.  The single-camera comedy follows a 14-year-old Persian boy (played by Nasim Pedrad) during high  school  as  he   desperately   tries   to  fit in, cope with his mother's dating life, and reconcile his cultural identity.”   Thousands  of  people  have  sent emails of concern to officials at parent AT&T, WarnerGoup and TBS in response to several email alerts.  This issue will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Confronted Sports Illustrated and its parent’s officials at AT&T for featuring hijab clad model in Swimsuit edition.   Sports Illustrated article headline reports:  “Halima Aden Makes History as  the  First  Model  to  Wear  a  Hijab  and  Burkini  in Sports  Illustrated Swimsuit.”  Unfortunately, normalizing  the  hijab  in  this manner makes it more difficult for Muslim women to doff the Sharia mandated headgear altogether and stand against other harsh tenets of Sharia law that repress women.  The hijab has replaced the pink triangle as the progressive left's top symbol of diversity.  However, tens of millions of Americans including thousands of Muslim women view the hijab as a symbol of Islamist, misogynistic repression.   Nearly sixty percent of Muslims in America do not wear the hijab according to Pew Research published by NPR on April 21, 2011.   The same Sharia law that dictates women must wear  the  hijab also advocates harsh discipline (abuse) of wives, genital mutilation of girls and honor killing of allegedly   dishonorable   females.  The hijab exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  It epitomizes the cruel creed that it represents.  Florida Family Association sent out several email alerts that encouraged thousands of people to send emails to AT&T, WarnerMedia and Sports Illustrated officials that expressed that glamorizing the hijab just makes it more difficult for Muslim women to embrace the fullness of liberty by doffing the oppressive hijab as most other Muslim women have done in America as well as take a stand against the harsh Sharia tenets that oppress them.   Full report.

Continued to counter Nike’s sale of oppressive hijab after Nike determined American flag unworthy to sell.  Right after Nike rolled out plans to update the Nike Pro-Hijab it canceled plans to sell Betsy Ross Flag sneakers.  The Wall Street Journal reported on June 19, 2019:  “Nike announced that it is updating its sports hijab head covering with a new design. The sportswear giant became one of the first sportswear companies to add hijabs in 2017 calling the line the ‘Nike Pro Hijab.’”  Less than two weeks  later  Breitbart  reported on July 1, 2019:  “Nike Nixes ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Sneaker After Colin Kaepernick  Intervenes.”   Breitbart   reports in  part:  “Nike Inc. is yanking a U.S.A.  themed sneaker featuring an early American flag after NFL star-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick told the company it shouldn’t sell a shoe with a symbol that he and others consider offensive.”  Florida Family Association continued the email campaign that it started in 2017 that encourages people to send emails to express concern to Nike regarding its sale of the Sharia mandated, oppressor of women, hijab.  This project will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Challenged  US  Army  War College for canceling scheduled  speaker Raymond Ibrahim after  CAIR  called  him an Islamophobe because he reports on Islamic Jihad against Christians.  Raymond Ibrahim reported on July 2, 2019 “Last week I appeared on over a dozen video and radio interviews regarding the US Army War College’s recent capitulation to CAIR.”  Concerning this debacle, Colonel Allen West correctly observed:  “My Army has just emboldened and encouraged the enemy, and they are laughing at us.” Censoring the truth about Islamist activities dumb down the men and women in America’s armed forces in a manner that could jeopardize national security and public safety.  The US Army War College essentially gave Sharia’s prohibition of criticism of Islam a priority over the First Amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.  The college made CAIR’s Islamist political agenda and religious oppression the priority over national security and public safety.  Florida  Family  Association  launched  an  email alert that urge thousands of people to send emails to express disappointment.  The US Army War College did not reschedule Raymond Ibrahim.  Full report.

Continued to counter terrorist lawsuit against Bureau of Prisons that demands right to Salah Muslim prayer times for large group.     The  Investigative  Project  On  Terrorism  (IPT) reports the ability to radicalize  other inmates is a clear and present danger to the security of the prison and  to  the  country.   IPT  reports  in part: “Add Another Terrorist Sues the Bureau of Prisons.  Add convicted terrorist Rafiq Sabir to the growing list of incarcerated radical Islamic terrorists who are suing the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for allegedly violating their rights.”  Victor A. Bolden, United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut, is presiding over Sabir v. Williams et al, Case No. 3:17-CV-00749 (VAB).  Salah prayer is a tenet of Sharia law.  Many  tenets of Sharia law are antithetical  to  the  rights afforded citizens by the United States Constitution.  Islamists are filing law suits across America with the goal of judicially institutionalizing Sharia law.    Florida Family Association launched an email campaign that asks United States District Judge  Victor  A.  Bolden  to  make  public  safety the priority  over  political  correctness and the U.S. Constitution the law over Sharia prayer tenets.   This project will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Continued to counter Hyatt’s “anti-hate policy” against conservative groups after it was okay with Hamas linked CAIR event that featured Islamist speakers who are notorious hate spewing, anti-Semites.  The Council on American Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) November 9, 2019 annual  fundraiser  at  the  Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC included America’s most notorious hate spewing, anti-Semites Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour.  The Los Angeles Times reported on September 28, 2018:  “Hyatt hotels won’t rent to hate groups, CEO says; Muslim group claims  a  victory.   According  to  Muslim  Advocates,  Hyatt’s policy change was directly linked to complaints  regarding  its  rental  of  convention  facilities  that  month  to  Act  for America.  Muslim Advocates accused ACT for America of being a ‘white supremacist-aligned anti-Muslim hate group.’”  Hyatt  CEO  Mark  Hoplamazian  said: “If a group is primarily focused on disparaging a group by virtue of their identity … that’s really where we need to draw the line.   We’re going to apply our values to making these decisions along the way.”     It   appears  Hyatt’s values allow  anti-Semitism.  Florida Family Association continued its online campaign from 2018 that asked people to send emails to urge Hyatt officials not to censor Judeo-Christian organizations.   This project will continue in 2020.  Full report.

Challenged Philadelphia officials, for public safety and peace for all Americans, to reveal details of investigation regarding video of Muslim children performing anti-Semitic skits and singing violent songs. The Muslim American Society Islamic Center and Masjid A-Hidaya Mosque in Philadelphia posted a shocking video in celebration of “Ummah Day.” The video featured Muslim children singing “We will chop off their heads … we will lead the army of Allah fulfilling his promise, we will subject them to eternal torture … we will defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies … sacrifice our souls without hesitation."  The Daily Wire reported on September 27, 2019:  “Congressmen  Demand  Answers  About Horrifying Anti-Semitic Video In Philadelphia.  Two U.S. congressmen  are  asking  the  Philadelphia  Human  Relations  Commission to reveal the details of its investigation  into  the April 2019 video of Muslim children from a Philadelphia mosque performing anti-Semitic skits and singing violent songs.”  Florida Family Association responded with a campaign that asked  people  to  send  emails  and  postcards  to urge Philadelphia officials to reveal the details of its investigation.  This issue may continue in 2020.  Full report.

Thanked  Magistrate judge who denied bail to terror linked Muslim that is charged with attempting to destroy an American Airlines jet carrying 150 passengers.  The  United  States  of  America  filed  a criminal complaint against Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani charging that he “willfully  attempted to damage, destroy, disable and wreck a  civil aircraft that is used, operated, and employed  in interstate, overseas, and foreign air commerce, in violation of Title 18, United States   Code,   Sections   32(a)(l)   and (a)(8).”   Fox News reports:  “Sympathies with ISIS as well as claims that his brother was part of the   terrorist organization raised enough concerns that he was denied bond earlier this week.”  Magistrate Judge Chris M.  McAliley ordered pre-trial detention for Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani  on  September  20, 2019 because he is a "flight risk and a danger to the community."  Florida Family Association sent out an email alert that asked people to thank Judge McAliley for denying bail to Ahmed Alani because it protects the public but also sends a strong message to other would-be sleeper  Jihadists  that they will be denied their freedom if they act on their terror ambitions.  Full report.

Continued to counter Macy’s launch of hijab friendly fashion line, the first major retailer to do so.   Macy’s  started  selling a hijab friendly fashion line in March 2018.  Macy’s said that it was “our goal to reflect the broad spectrum of our population, providing fashion, value and superior customer service to all.”  If Macy’s is truly “committed” to “diversity” and its "goal is to reflect the broad spectrum of our population" where is Macy’s clothing lines for the Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist communities?  The hijab exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas.  It  is  a  symbol  of  the  cruel creed that it represents.  Florida Family Association launched an email campaign to urge Macy’s to stop promoting the Islamist attire.  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Continued to encouraged the Texas Workforce Commission to reject CAIR’s complaint against Dillards for allegedly not hiring a woman who demanded to wear a hijab on the sales floor.  The Council on American Islamic Relations filed a complaint against Dillards with the Texas Workforce Commission for allegedly declining to hire a Muslim woman who insisted on wearing her hijab on the sales floor.  Florida Family Association sent out alerts that encouraged people to send emails to Texas Workforce Commissioners.  The emails stated in part:   “The hijab is headwear that departs from a values neutral dress policy in a manner that could diminish a company’s ability to attract the greatest number of customers.  Businesses are more likely to maximize sales if its personnel are not wearing attire that sets them  apart  from  the public at large.  To many people including many Muslim women, the hijab is headwear that embodies Islamist oppression.  The truth is the hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.”  This project will continue in 2019.  Full report.

Continue to counter CAIR’s lawsuit that seeks to force NYPD to allow women to wear hijabs during official arrest photographs.  Allowing any person alleged to have committed a crime and being admitted to prison to wear any headgear that obstructs the full identity of the perpetrator during the official arrest photograph defies logic and threatens public safety.   In particular to this lawsuit, a hijab blocks hair length, hair color, hair texture, ear size, ear shape and birth marks.  A full, unobstructed arrest photo is crucial to properly identify the inmate while in prison and track the accused through the criminal justice process.  A full arrest photo is also valuable for current and future investigations, crime prevention and public safety.  This project will continue in 2019 if court declines NYPD's motion to dismiss.  Full report.

Urged President Donald Trump AGAIN to determine if CAIR should be designated as a terrorist   organization.    Florida Family Association sent a letter to President Donald Trump which stated in part:  “Dear President Trump, We respectfully request that you conduct an investigation based upon the following facts and other intelligence to determine if  the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) should be designated as a terrorist organization.”   The letter provided numerous facts regarding CAIR’s terror links.  An online campaign was launched where thousands of people sent emails, posted messages at President  Trump’s  Facebook  page  and the White House contact page.  This project will continue in 2020.   Full report.

Christianpost.org reports the following regarding Florida Family Association:  “Don't let the name deceive you. Florida Family Association is a national organization that harnesses online  citizen activism through its massive email list to change organizations through economic and public pressure. They urge companies not to advertise on the Islamic terror apologist network Al Jazeera,  remind  universities  to  support  free speech and not cancel films and speakers critical of Islamism, and hold the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) feet to the fire for their leaders past support for terrorism and saying Muslims are above the law of the land.”  Christianpost.org report.

The  Council on American Islamic Relations reports the following in their Islamophobia Report about Florida Family Association:  “The Florida Family Association, founded in 1987 by David Caton, has pressured companies and courts to  adhere  to  anti-Muslim  practices.  Despite  operating only in Florida, FFA has garnered national attention. FFA is part of the U.S. Islamophobia network's inner core.”  CAIR report.

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