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2,550 companies stopped advertising at Huffpost.com after being urged to pull off the website because it promotes transgender reassignment, critical race theory, vitriol towards millions of Americans and the Islamist political agenda.

Report date as of March 31, 2024. Reports updated quarterly.

Two thousand five hundred fifty (2,550) out of two thousand five hundred ninety three (2,593) companies (98.3%) stopped advertising
on Huffpost.com after being encouraged to pull off the website because it supports the Islamist political agenda and spews vitriolic propaganda that inspires leftist hate. HuffPost publishes more leftist vitriol that is read by more readers than almost any other leftist news site.   As liberal and leftist as the Washington Post is its articles pale in comparison to the hate and vitriol that takes up a large portion of the Huffpost.com news site.  HuffPost.com has published hundreds of articles that spew vitriol in its obvious objective to tarnish the public image of military service members, law enforcement officers, conservative Christians and Jews, conservative leaders and white people.  Huffpost.com has defended Sharia law, defended the Muslim Brotherhood, fundraised for the Council on American Islamic Relations, blamed Christians for worldwide conflict with Muslims, promoted an anti-Semitic blog, encouraged Islamist demagoguery, and promoted other Islamist propaganda.

This semi-annual report shows more improvement since the last reports dated September 30, 2023 and April 30, 2023:  

•    162 more companies stopped advertising in past 6 months (2,550 this report vs. 2,358 on 09/23 report).
•    406 more companies stopped advertising in past year (2,550 this report vs. 2,144 on 04/23 report).
•    150 first time advertisers stopped advertising since 09/23.
•    6 more companies continued to advertise (43 this report vs. 36 on 09/23).

HuffPost’s decline in advertising revenues would have been much greater had it not been for Amazon, Target, Walmart and Etsy rallying to assist HuffPost nine months ago as its financial condition continued to drastically decline.  Florida Family Association estimates that Amazon accounts for close to 50% of the ads posted at HuffPost.

However, even with Amazon, Target, Walmart and Etsy advertising support HuffPost’s parent company BuzzFeed advertising revenues continued to decline.  BuzzFeed reported the following for its year ended December 31, 2023 financial condition: 

•    BuzzFeed’s 2023 revenues were $252.7 million, 26% less than 2022.
•    Advertising revenues declined 31%.
•    Net loss from continuing operations was $60.3 million.

How can BuzzFeed continue to survive with these kinds of losses?  They cannot.  HOWEVER, BuzzFeed issued a report that it sold one of its major assets, called Complex to NTWRK, for $108.6 million in cash.  BuzzFeed’s report on this sale claims that the infusion of this cash will “drive annualized cost savings of approximately $23M.” 

BuzzFeed’s $60.3M 2023 net loss less its $23M in projected cost savings from the sale of Complex still leaves BuzzFeed with a projected annual net loss of about $40M.  And if BuzzFeed used much of the $108.6 million from the cash sale to reduce debt how much will it have left over to offset future net operating losses?  Not much.  BuzzFeed is on thin ice.

There is a clear effort by BuzzFeed and some advertisers to save Huffpost.com.  Several major companies have substanitally increased advertising at Huffpost.com in the past three months.  These companies include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Wayfair and CVS.  In an effort to counter Florida Family Association's success in influencing companies to stop advertising, it appears that HuffPost has grown the number of China advertisers and local advertisers.  This presents a difficult challenge since FFA cannot gather local advertising data from every major city.  Additionally, FFA has avoided contacting Chinese companies because of security risks.  Thankfully most of HuffPost’s advertisers are national buys from companies residing in the United States.

Florida Family Association encourages Corporate America to stop supporting Huffpost.com with advertising dollars because of the leftist site's articles promoting transgender reassignment, critical race theory, vitriol towards millions of Americans and the Islamist political agenda.  Outlined below are just a few examples.

HuffPost published an article titled I'm A 'Baby Queen.' Here's Why We Should Be Scared For Our Kids (And It's Not Because Of Drag).  Subtitled:  "Arguably, the real 'groomers' here are the politicians supporting these bills."  The bills to which this article is referring is legislation that is intended to make it unlawful to admit children into drag queen shows.  Drag queen shows are often labeled grooming opportunities to introduce children to the trans world.

HuffPost published an article on February 9, 2023 titled: “James Carville Attacks GOP, Marjorie Taylor Greene As ‘White Trash.’” The article states in part: “The longtime Democratic operative told MSNBC's Ari Melber "the level of white trashdom in the Republican Party is staggering."  HuffPost routinely publishes embellished propaganda to denigrate conservatives, Christians, Jews and white people.

HuffPost supports the Defund the Police movement.

On August 14, 2022 HuffPost published an article titled “GOP Bashed For Attacks On IRS Agents After Targeting FBI.”   The article reported in part:  Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is wildly claiming IRS agents armed with assault-style rifles are preparing to show up at Americans’ doors to audit their taxes.   Compare HuffPost’s lies to the News Week article titled “IRS Deletes Requirement That New Agents Be Willing to Use 'Deadly Force.'”

Huffington Post article helps Colin Kaepernick raise money to defend rioters "resisting police."

HuffPost published an article which informs its leftist readers about Kaepernick’s fund to help rioters that are arrested. The article states in part:

BLACK VOICES 05/29/2020 05:55 pm ET

Colin Kaepernick On Minneapolis Uprising: ‘We Have The Right To Fight Back’

The activist and former NFL quarterback launched a legal defense fund for those resisting police violence in response to the George Floyd killing.

Kaepernick tweeted.

When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.

The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance.

We have the right to fight back!

Rest in Power George Floyd


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Huffington Post columns and articles assault the Christian faith:

•    A column titled: How An Evangelical Dating Guide And Purity Culture Gave Me An Anxiety Disorder.  The article states in part: Although I haven’t read the book in decades, my body still harbors the trauma of its teachings.

•    A column titled: My Evangelical Church Is Gaslighting Me, But I Refuse To Fall For It Anymore.  The article states in part:  But the church also claims there’s good news! Even though I deserve death, Jesus’ bloody crucifixion and subsequent bodily resurrection saves me from a fiery eternal hell ― all because I believe this supernatural story and earnestly accept the gift of his grace. And because of this sacrifice, I owe him a lifetime of gratitude, worship and a commitment to follow his commandments (even though, because of my human flesh, I will always ultimately fail him).  For decades, I bought this story and ….  The boldness of the church’s hypocrisy is causing me to question the very foundation of my spiritual beliefs. It’s disorienting. Every biblical principle I hold sacred has been disregarded by many other Christians, and I often feel like I’m losing my sanity while the entire house of cards that is my evangelical upbringing collapses around me.  Those Christians are calling me a heretic and a godless woman because now I reject their Republican rhetoric and because my personal Christian values ... more closely align with the Democratic Party’s platform.

•    A column titled: Christian Schools Like Karen Pence’s Are The Real Threat To Academic Freedom.  The article states in part:  Last week, the “second lady” of the United States, Karen Pence, went to work as an art teacher at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. Immanuel Christian School requires “moral purity” from its staff, meaning they can’t be queer, have sex outside marriage or watch porn, and must “respect the unique roles of men and women.” Immanuel Christian is not unusual. Too many religious schools at all levels regulate the personal conduct of their employees and students, restrict the books teachers can assign or students can read, and demand fealty to narrow constructions of religious identity, while enshrining bigotry into their bylaws.

•    An article titled:  Voucher Schools Championed By Betsy DeVos Can Teach Whatever They Want. Turns Out They Teach Lies.    These schools teach creationism, racism and sexism.  The article assaults Christian schools for teaching creationism which is a fundamental of Christianity.  The article twists textbook quotes completely out of context to allege Christian schools are racist and sexist.   The article claims the textbook statement “Jews plotted to kill Jesus” is racist.  It is a fact that Jews plotted to kill Jesus, who was also Jewish.  Most Christians have a strong affinity for Israel and Jewish people.
•    A column titled: White evangelicals will never make America great again.  If a HuffPost.com article ever denigrated "black" Christians it would most likely lose all advertisers.  But some advertisers are okay with racist articles directed at white Christians.  

•    A column titledWhite Evangelicals Are The Most Fragile Of All White People.   The column is a sordid collection of unsubstantiated attacks on the character of “white evangelicals" and Christians.  The author of this hideous racist, column wrote many insults without any supporting facts.

Where are Huffingtonpost.com articles or columns that criticize Islam, Islamist political movement or Sharia law?  However, there are plenty of articles supporting the Islamist movement in America.  Some examples are provided below.

Huffingtonpost.com published an article on August 18, 2017 that calls America’s finest, our soldiers "racist" in its article titled “Becoming A Racist: The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country?”  In addition to smearing America’s finest with the racist title it trashes our police as well.  This article broadly paints the racist title on the people who give their lives for our public safety.

HuffPost.com added to its leftist content with an article titled Relax, Boomers: Socialism Is Good Now.  It’s going to be OK.  The article’s objective is to smooth over baby boomers’ fears of socialism which HuffPost claims was allegedly caused by misinformation and propaganda.

HuffPost.com has published numerous articles that promote Islamist propaganda.   Click here to see the full details at this floridafamily.org article.

Why  is  it  important  to  urge companies to stop advertising at Huffingtonpost.com?

•    The Huffington Post’s large number of readers and high volume of pro-Islamist and vitriolic, leftist reports makes it a leading proliferator of Islamist and vitriolic, leftist propaganda in the United States.

•    Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool Islamists use to influence Americans to ignore advancement of Sharia doctrine in the United States.  Unfortunately, it intimidates people to the point of stifling free speech in a manner that hurts public safety and allows Sharia to thrive.

•    The  Huffington  Post’s  frequent  pro-Islamist reporting feeds the Hate America crowd with more reasons to defend Islamists and ignore the harmful direction that results from its acceptance.  

•    HuffPost and HuffPost Arab employ several former Al Jazeera reporters and Islamist advocates who have pushed the Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

•    Florida Family Association’s opposition campaign educates thousands of officials at hundreds of American and foreign companies about the harm caused by erroneous Islamophobia propaganda and pro-Islamist reporting.  The thousands of emails that company officials receive reveal that there are many Americans who find Islamist propaganda deceitful, harmful and offensive.

The Florida Family Association office has communicated with two thousand five hundred ninety three (2,593) companies since April 2016 regarding their advertising on Huffpost.com as of March 31, 2024.   

•    A total of two thousand five hundred fifty (2,550) companies stopped advertising.  Ninety eight (98%) of the companies did not advertise again after receiving emails from the Florida Family Association office or after receiving emails from thousands of people in response to Florida Family Association’s online campaigns.

•   Forty three (43) companies continued to advertise.

The names of the companies that Stopped Advertising and that Continued Advertising are listed below.  New recent advertisers and companies that have not advertised in several months but advertised again in the report month are not included in the lists until sufficient time is allowed to determine if the companies will continue to advertise.

Click here to read the list of 2,550 companies that Stopped Advertising as of March 31, 2024.  This file is too large to post in an html article. 

43 Companies that Continued Advertising as of March 31, 2024.  (Linked names have active email campaigns.)

Allbirds Home Theater Direct HTD Schweitzer Engineering
Amazon.com HomeServe Sephora
Asbury Automotive Group International Living Publishing Solarreviews.com
Blissy.com Inuvo SteelMaster
Brilliant Earth Jaguar Land Rover Target
Capital One Kachava Tempur Pedic Bed
David Weekley Homes Kingston Technology Temu
Dicks Sporting Goods Laura Geller Beauty Vivaia
Envision Outdoor Living Products Leaffilter Wal Mart Stores
Etsy Nordstrom Wall Street Journal
Ezrabrooks Orthofeet Wolverine World Wide Merrell shoes
Gartner Reliance Worldwide Corp sharkbite Wrinkles.pro
Gator Ford Royaura Zappos.com
Harbor Freight Rubenstein Law Zoho Manageengine.com

The following chart shows the progress of this campaign as March 31, 2024.

  To Date Number of  Percentage of  
  Companies companies that companies that Number of companies
  Contacted stopped advertising stopped advertising that kept advertising
September 211 150 71% 61
October  231 190 82% 41
November 270 237 87% 33
December 310 281 91% 29
January 323 298 92% 25
February  372 351 94% 21
March 398 369 93% 29
April 422 400 95% 22
May 439 420 96% 19
June 470 448 95% 22
July 499 478 95% 29
August  563 535 95% 26
September 602 578 96% 24
October  627 603 96% 24
November 657 630 96% 27
January 688 662 96% 25
February  718 694 97% 24
March 735 711 97% 24
April 756 732 97% 24
May 782 752 96% 30
June 822 788 96% 34
July  844 810 96% 34
August  902 870 96% 32
September 915 884 97% 31
October  961 923 96% 38
November 976 943 97% 33
December 1,009 977 97% 32
January  1,020 987 97% 33
February  1,032 1,002 97% 30
April 1,063 1,029 97% 34
May 1,082 1,050 97% 32
August  1,117 1,084 97% 33
September 1,149 1,118 97% 31
October  1,161 1,132 97% 29
November 1,188 1,156 97% 32
December 1,201 1,173 97% 28
February  1,213 1,190 98% 23
March 1,248 1,217 98% 31
April 1,279 1,241 97% 38
July  1,333 1,306 98% 27
October  1,403 1,373 98% 30
December 1,414 1,396 99% 18
March  1,481 1,446 98% 35
June 1,534 1,506 98% 28
September 1,613 1,586 98% 27
December 1,676 1,649 98% 27
March 1,757 1737 99% 20
June 1,822 1803 99% 19
September 1,960 1,936 99% 24
December 2,075 2,040 98% 35
April 2,177 2,144 98% 33
June 2,270 2,238 98% 32
September 2,425 2,388 98% 37
March 2,593 2,550 98% 43

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