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Jeanine Pirro to return to Fox New on Saturday.

The Hill published an article titled
Hannity: Fox News host Jeanine Pirro to return on Saturday.  The article reports in part:  

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Wednesday that fellow network host Jeanine Pirro would return on Saturday after her Saturday evening show had been bumped for two weeks.

Hannity made the comment during an interview with President Trump on Wednesday night.

Fox News confirmed on Thursday morning that Pirro's show would return on Saturday.

CAIR and Huffington Post urged Fox News to fire Jeanine Pirro for questioning Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s allegiance to Sharia law and loyalty to the United States.  Florida Family Association responded by sending out email alerts Monday night and Wednesday noon titled Huffington Post and CAIR push Fox News to fire Jeanine Pirro thereby enforcing Sharia law’s prohibition of criticizing Islam.   

Florida Family Association’s email alerts provided embedded emails to subscribers that opened in their own email clients because Fox News was blocking form emails sent through activist websites including florida-family.org.  Thousands of people responded to Florida Family Association’s alerts by sending emails that informed Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and other officials that Jeanine Pirro was right to question Rep. Ilhan Omar’s loyalty to the United States and urged the network to restore her show.

Thank you for supporting Florida Family Association’s email campaigns.  Your support is making a difference.

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