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Hijab clad Barbie does not appear to have made it to the market place. American Eagle Outfitters is still not selling hijab.

Mattel announced on November 14, 2017 that it would release a new hijab clad Barbie doll.   

Florida Family Association responded by launching an online campaign.  Thousands of people sent emails to Mattel’s officers and directors that stated in part:  “I am very disappointed that Mattel is developing a hijab clad  Barbie  because  the  hijab  embodies Islamist oppression.   The  hijab  does  not  symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.  I urge Mattel to abandon its plans to market the hijab clad Barbie in 2018.  My future patronage depends upon your decision.”  For more information regarding the hijab being a symbol of Islamist oppression towards women sanctioned by Sharia and fatwas click here.

It appears that Mattel’s hijab clad Barbie doll did not make it to market.  A search of Walmart, Target   and    online   searches   for  the   Ibtihaj Muhammad Barbie failed to show the doll being sold as of April 5, 2018 almost five months after Mattel’s announcement. All previous searches resulted in negative findings.  The search results found the biography of Ibtihaj Muhammad but no doll.

Perhaps Mattel received enough emails, Facebook posts and phone calls that they decided not to pursue production and distribution of the Hijabi Barbie.  Maybe  the  failing  toy maker was desperate for market  attention  given  the  bankruptcy of its top retailer,  Toys R Us,,  and   Mattel’s  fifty percent decline in common stock market value.

Additionally, American Eagle Outfitters is still not selling hijabs.  More than 10,000 people sent emails of concern to American Eagle officers and directors in response to Florida Family Association’s email alerts.   The company stopped selling the hijab in October 2017.  Recent searches of AE.com  show that American Eagle Outfitters is still not selling the hijab.

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