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Florida Family Association’s continued communications with Sean Hannity’s advertisers trigger failure for Democratic Coalition’s new leftist attack on Sean.
  Florida Family Association plans to stand with Sean Hannity  and  encourage  companies to continue to advertise on his show.

Great News!  As  of September  13, 2017, firehannity.org reported that NO companies had pulled off of The Sean Hannity Show.   The Florida  Family Association office’s  communications  with advertisers and the Atkins   email campaign   appears to have influenced the leftist organization to accurately report the results of its campaign, which is failing.  Firehannity.org has not marked  any companies with the green color which indicates advertisers have pulled off of The Sean Hannity Show.

The Democratic Coalition started a new campaign in August 2017 to pressure companies to stop advertising during The Sean Hannity Show.  The coalition created a new web site called firehannity.org that provides Twitter and email tools to contact advertisers.

Florida    Family Association  inquired  with all eighteen companies that firehannity.org once listed as having pulled off of the Sean Hannity Show.  Additionally, Florida Family Association reviewed The Sean Hannity Show from August 10 through August 25, 2017 to determine which companies were advertising. 

Firehannity.org  reported  that  Atkins had stopped advertising on The Sean Hannity Show the week of August  14, 2017.  The Florida Family Association office  sent  emails  to several Atkins executives to inquire if this information was accurate.  Atkins did not  respond  to   Florida   Family   Association’s inquiry.  So an email campaign was launched.

Atkins did not respond to thousands of emails sent to its officials in response to Florida Family Association’s  first  email  alert  sent  on August 21, 2017.  Instead, Atkins BLOCKED the email server that Florida-family.org provides for people to send emails to companies.  Florida Family Association responded to Atkins block by sending out another email alert on August 23,  2017  which  provided  a link for people to send emails using their own email software.

Atkins responded with an email and letter to Florida Family  Association  at  7:48 pm   on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.  The Atkins letter stated in part:  “Atkins was incorrectly included on the website of the Democratic Coalition/firehannity.org.  We have contacted the Democratic Coalition and they have removed our company from their list.”  The full letter that  Atkins sent to Florida Family Association is published here.

Firehannity.org cleaned up their list of advertisers after the Atkins campaign and after Florida Family Association contacted the eighteen companies the Democratic  Coalition alleged that it influenced to stop advertising on Hannity.   Firehannity.org has not reported a company as having stopped advertising in over two weeks.

Next to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity is perhaps the strongest conservative voice in the media today.  Sean is a true American patriot.  Hannity has reported important  news that no other cable news host has produced.  He has relentlessly stood for traditional Judeo Christian values.  Sean Hannity routinely gives honor  to  our  military leaders, fallen heroes and military families in need.  

Florida Family Association plans to stand with Sean Hannity  and  encourage  companies to continue to advertise on his show.

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