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Homosexual extremists target Dollywood for enforcing dress code. Please send your email to thank Dollywood for protecting the environment of all guests.

The objective of homosexual extremists is to change American values.

Please don't let gay extremists change American values.

Please send your email today.


The Associated Press reported on July 26, 2011 that Dollywood is coming under fire for asking a lesbian entering the park to reverse her turn her shirt over concerns that it may offend other guests.  Click here to read Associated Press report. 

The lesbian patron entered the park wearing a shirt which stated “marriage is so gay.”

Dollywood has a policy which prohibits patrons from wearing apparel with statements that may offend other patrons.  In contrast to Dollywood’s responsible policy, Disney allows patrons to enter the park especially on Gay Day wearing shirts that are so offensive that Florida Family Association declines to repeat the wording.

The Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation owns Dollywood.  The company owns 26 family entertainment parks across ten states.  

It would be destructive to the moral environment and civility of all patrons if homosexual extremists’ criticism influenced the company to change their policy to allow patrons to wear apparel that degrades common decency and traditional American values.  However, that is the objective of homosexual extremists, to change America values.   

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send which thanks Dollywood and parent company officials for enforcing their policy.

The EMAIL ACTION LINK for this issue has be deactivated because of the age of the situation.

Contact Information:

Joel Manby, President and CEO  
Pete Owens, Manager of Dollywood PR
Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation
5445 Triangle Parkway, Suite 200
Norcross, GA 30092


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