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Huffington Post attack fails to remove Catholic high school teacher who taught the historical truth about Islam.

Mark Smythe, Teacher

The Huffington Post’s “Documenting Hate” project that defends Islamists failed to influence the Catholic Diocese of Orlando to fire a teacher who dared to teach the historical truth about Muhammad.

Florida Family Association launched an online campaign to defend Catholic school teacher Mark Smythe after a Huffington Post article put pressure on the Catholic Diocese to terminate him because he shared Catholic teaching with students that was critical of Muhammad.  Mark Smythe is a well-liked Catholic teacher at Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala, Florida.  He recently used Saint John Bosco's writing on Islam in his 6th grade social studies class.

The Islamist propaganda machine Huffington Post found out that Saint John Bosco's writings were critical of Islam and immediately went public, attacking the teacher for sharing them.  

The Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools -- with the support of the Human Resources Department of the Diocese of Orlando -- has reportedly not only reprimanded Mr. Smythe for using Saint John Bosco in class, but also threatened to dismiss him from his job. (The Catholic World Report)

Catholic teaching should not be censored and banned at Catholic schools especially as a result of the Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda and political correctness that compels non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law’s prohibition of criticizing Muhammad.   Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed.   Islamists attacked Charlie Hebdo in France after the company published cartoons of Muhammad.   Islamists tried to kill nearly two hundred people who gathered in Garland Texas to compete for the best artistic rendition of Muhammad.    Many Americans have lost their jobs, education and social status after being assailed for daring to speak the truth about Islam.

More than five thousand (5,000) people sent emails through the Floridafamily.org email action center to the Bishop and Superintendent of the Catholic Schools urging them to retain keep Mr. Smythe as a teacher.

Florida Family Association placed two calls to Blessed Trinity Catholic School on the morning of June 2, 2017 and spoke with two receptionists.  The first receptionist said that Mr. Smythe was out for the summer and that he would return next year.  The second receptionist transferred our call as requested to Mr. Smythe’s voice mail.  It appears that Mark Smythe will continue to teach history and social studies at Blessed Trinity Catholic School.   

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