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Michael Eisner’s perverted cartoon that targeted children is declared a failure thanks to Florida Family Association supporters’ emails to advertisers.

The show has lost a huge number of advertisers, failed to air on advertiser supported Nickelodeon network, was pulled from sister channels MTV2 and Comedy Central and was produced for only one season of episodes.
Michael Eisner’s perverted cartoon that targeted children is declared a failure thanks to Florida Family Association supporters’ emails to advertisers.


Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on July 19, 2011 declaring Michael Eisner’s perverted cartoon Glenn Martin DDS that targeted children on Nickelodeon as a failure.  The show had not aired on their advertiser supported Nickelodeon network in several months and was pulled from sister channels MTV2 and Comedy Central.  

However, Viacom aired the Glenn Martin DDS show shortly after the July 19, 2011 FFA email report.  Perhaps Viacom was testing to see if Florida Family Association had stopped monitoring this perverted cartoon.  However, FFA continues to watch for and record all shows that have been dropped with the intent of contacting advertisers including Glenn Martin DDS.   

This time Combe maker of Grecian 5, Aqua Velva and Lectric Shave promptly pulled off Glenn Martin DDS along with other advertisers that did not make their decision official.    Florida Family Association received the following email from Combe:

----- Original Message -----
From: Barsuhn, Carrie
To: davidcaton@floridafamily.org
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: WE WILL NO LONGER BE ADVERTISING ON THIS SHOW - Vagisil advertised during Glenn Martin DDS

Mr. Caton,

Mr. Combe forwarded your recent email to me again for reply.

We will no longer be advertising on this show.

Carrie J. Barsuhn
Director Consumer Resources
Combe Incorporated

Florida Family Association waited to see if Viacom continued to air Glenn Martin DDS in the two weeks that followed this email from Combe before sending out an updated report.  Even though TVGuide.com reported (as they have for the past four months) that Glenn Martin DDS was scheduled to air on the regular advertiser supported Nickelodeon network it did NOT air.  The fact that Glenn Martin DDS has been scheduled to air for months at 5:30 am shows the worthlessness and failure of this perverted cartoon which many major advertisers went on record as rejecting and which production stopped after the first season of episodes.


Florida Family Association is declaring Michael Eisner’s perverted cartoon Glenn Martin DDS that targeted children on Nickelodeon as a failure.  The show has not aired on their advertiser supported Nickelodeon network in several months and was pulled from sister channels MTV2 and Comedy Central.  Additionally, no new episodes have been produced during the past year.

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner started a new company where he created a cartoon that contained a considerable amount of sexual content.  Some examples of the Glenn Martin DDS content which are inappropriate for children include:
• Glenn has phone sex with automobile navigation voice.
• Brother and sister tout their incestuous relationship.
• 13 year old boy cites porn magazine.
• Mom has intimate relationship with 13 year old boy.
• Parents engage in handcuff sexual bondage.
• Young adult females kissing in pool.

A more detailed description of these episodes is provided at the end of the issue page.  Please be warned that the content may offend you.

According to an August 14, 2009 New York Times article Michael Eisner sought out Cyma Zarghami, the president of Nickelodeon Television, about airing his new perverted cartoon titled Glenn Martin DDS.  Sadly Nickelodeon started airing Glenn Martin DDS that month.  Click here to read NYTimes.com article.  

The Florida Family Association office started contacting advertisers after the first episode.  Nickelodeon’s parent company MTV decided to start airing the program on MTV2 and Comedy Central.  The Florida Family Association office responded by writing the companies that advertised during this show on these networks also and sent out email alerts that encouraged supporters to send emails to these companies.

Both MTV2 and Comedy Central pulled Glenn Martin DDS from their channels shortly after Florida Family Association’s first email campaign.  Click here to read the report.   However, Nickelodeon continued to air the program even though they demonstrated signs that the show was in trouble with advertisers.  The network frequently changed the day and time when it aired Glenn Martin DDS.  Florida Family Association continued to contact advertisers and sent our email alerts for supporters to send emails to companies that advertised during the show.

MANY COMPANIES PULLED OFF THE SHOW.  Florida Family Association office emails to advertisers and supporters’ emails to advertisers in response to email campaigns appear to have influenced the following companies to stop advertising during Glenn Martin DDS: AFLAC, American Express, American Honda Motors, AT&T, 3M (Scotchman, Scotch Pop Up, Post-it notes), Activision Blizzard (Tony Hawk Ryde), Adidas (Reebok Shoes), Barnes n Noble, Bayer Corporation (Aleve), Bissell, Dell, Dippin Dots, Burger King, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (7 Up), Energizer Holdings (Playtex Gentle Glide), Ford Trucks, Fruit of the Loom, Garanimals, Geico, Haribo of America, Helen of Troy (Infusium23), High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC Phone), Honda, IKEA, Italiano Insurance, JAKKS Pacific (Skate GX), Kay Jewelers, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Huggies), Konami, LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (LeapFrog Tag learning toys), Lego, LG of America, Loreal (Garnier Fructis, Maybelline), LucasFilm LTD (Lego Indiana Jones), Mattel (Cabbage Patch Kids), McCormick & Company, Inc. (McCormick Pure Vanilla), McDonald's, Microsoft (Bing), Money Gram, Moxie Girlz (MGA Entertainment), National Association of Realtors, Nautilus (Mobia), Newell Rubbermaid (Rubbermaid), News Corp (Night at the Museum, Office Depot, Palm, Inc. (Palm pixi), Party City, Payless shoes, Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A., Inc. (Mentos), PF Changs, Pfizer (Robitussin), Phillips Electronics, Procter & Gamble Company (Cascade, Dryel, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Swifer), Pure Digital Technologies (Theflip.com), Real Networks (Rhapsody) Reckitt Benckiser Inc. (Spray N Wash Max, Mucinex, Woolite), ReMax Realty, Sam’s Club, Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. (Mario Vs Sonic), Select Comfort, Sonic Corporation (Sonic Drive In Restaurants) Sony, Sprint Nextel (Boost Mobile), Stanley Steemer, Sports Authority vendors, Stein Mart, TJX (Marshalls, TJ Max), Target, THQ, Inc. (Drown to Life the next chapter), Toyota, TracFone (Safelink), Tuna Council, Tyson Foods, Ubisoft (Just Dance), Unilever (Axe), USAA, VISA, VTechKids.com (VSmile), Wal-Mart, Waterfront Media (Jillian Weightloss) and Wendy's.

Glenn Martin DDS has not aired on the advertiser supported Nickelodeon network in several months even though TVGuide.com reports the program will air.  The show was pulled from sister channels MTV2 and Comedy Central.  Additionally, new episodes have not been produced for the show in over a year.  The non-advertiser supported Nickelodeon “Toons” channel is airing the show which is a clear sign that advertisers have overwhelmingly rejected the cartoon because the sexual content is inappropriate for children.

Therefore, Michael Eisner’s perverted cartoon aimed at children is a failure THANKS TO YOUR emails and support.


In the FATAL DIRECTION episode Glenn has phone sex with automobile navigation voice.

Female automobile navigation voice asks Glenn - Now I want you to grab the wheel, nice and gentle.  Are you grabbing it?

Glenn replies - Yes.

Female navigation voice – I want you take the 31 going south.  Do you like going south?  I will take you wherever you want to go.  Intercourse Pennsylvania.  Morehead Minnesota.  Climax Florida.

Female navigation voice – Oh my God I just love this (radio) station.

Glenn says in a courting voice – You like that huh.  You like it slow and you like it … Glenn jumps from his seat as the wind shield washers squirt water on the windshield.

Glenn says – I’ll just wipe that up.

No one “wipes up” water that a windshield washer sprays on the outside of windshield.  The innuendo here is sick.

In the HALLOWEEN HANGOVER episode a brother and sister tout their incestuous relationship and 13 year old Conor Martin cites a porn magazine.

A girl at a campground site playing truth or dare says to Courtney Martin – Alright little miss piss.  I dare you to spend seven minutes in heaven with the monkey boy.  She points to Conor Martin.

Courtney Martin – That monkey boy is my brother.

Campground boy sitting very close to and holding hands with his sister – "That didn’t stop us."   The boy and girl laughed as they swung their hands held out with their fingers grasped together.

Conor asks his sister’s friend, Wendy, who he kissed in the absence of his sister kissing him in the dare – Hey is that my retainer?

Wendy – Yes.  I wear it to think of you.

Conor excitedly blurts out – Oh, oh, oh dear Penthouse Forum.
In the LITTLE MISS BACKSTABBER episode a mom has intimate relations with a 13 year old boy and parents engage in handcuff sexual bondage.

The mother of one of Conor Martin's girlfriends jumps on the couch with Conor and says "I've been so lonely since my boyfriend the colonel moved on.  Colonel was his nick name because he wasn't very gifted in the crotchetory area.  No bigger than a kernel of corn.  That left momma feeling hungry.  Whatever Clementine wants momma gets."  The MOM then jumped on top of 13 year old Conor.

The next scene shows the 13 year old Conor at the table with the rest of his family staring at his condition.  He was obviously worked over sexually by AN ADULT.  He was worn out with lipstick all over his face. Then the scene flips to Glenn where he becomes handcuffed to the bed for kinky sex.

Another scene near the end of this episode shows Conor return to his girlfriend's home and three times jumps sexually on the girlfriend's mother AN ADULT who is reclining on the couch.   The third time the ADULT MOM tells Conor "I could just eat you whole."

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