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Another Victory. Major oil companies continue to enforce "no porn" contract restrictions with independent retailers.

Twelve major oil companies contractually prohibit their independent retailers from selling pornography at approximately 100,000 retail locations.
Marathon Oil enforces contract terms, requires retailer to remove porn magazines after concerned citizen reported the store.

Florida Family Association influenced 12 Major Oil companies to adopt marketing agreement language which prohibits 100,000 retail locations from selling porn.   
A concerned citizen, who will be referred to as JR, visited the Florida Family Association web site and learned what she could do to influence the removal of pornographic magazines recently sold by a local Marathon Oil branded convenience store.

MARATHON OIL requires independent retailer to stop selling pornography.  JR from Illinois wrote on June 29, 2011:  “I read from one of your articles that Marathon Oil does not allow porn in their stores. Long story short: I e-mailed Marathon Customer Service on their website to inform them about a local Marathon convenience store that carries Playboy, Hustler, etc. in Robinson Illinois. Within 3 days Marathon representatives saw to it that it was removed! Praise God! Thank you for your information. I had wanted it out of my town for some time and didn't realize that they weren’t allowed to sell it. I'm now looking in stores everywhere I go and will do the same.  Thank you for all your efforts.  Best Regards, JR."
Thank you, JR, for making a difference.  She used the contract restrictions that Florida Family Association worked diligently on for six years to do what we hoped would be done for many years to come by many concerned citizens.

Florida Family Association influenced the following 12 MAJOR OIL COMPANIES to adopt Marketing Agreement terms that would contractually prohibit the sale of pornographic materials by independent retailers who sell their brand of gasoline at approximately 100,000 locations:


To read each major oil company's letter to Florida Family Association which documents their Marketing Agreement terms that prohibit the sale of pornography by their independent retailers click on the following links:

BP-Amoco      Chevron      Citgo      Conoco      ExxonMobil      Hess

Marathon       Murphy        Phillips   Sunoco      Texaco 

If you see a convenience store that sells one of the brands of gasoline listed below that is also selling pornographic magazines or videos, there is a good chance the store may be violating the terms of the marketing agreement with the major oil company.  Sending an email to report the store to the major oil company may result in the removal of the pornographic magazines or videos.

TO REPORT A STORE to a major oil company simply click on the appropriate email address below and include the following information in your email message to the major oil company official:

•    You are reporting a branded (list major gasoline brand) store that sells pornography.
•    You are aware that the major oil company has marketing agreements which prohibit independent retailers from selling porn..
•    Store name and address.
•    Type of materials sold (magazines, videos, DVDs.)

Please send any response that you receive from the major oil company to Florida Family Association by using the Contact button at the Floridafamily.org web site.

Allow approximately four weeks for the major oil company to take action. If the store continues to sell the pornography after emailing the information to the major oil company, you may need to send a second email to the company. If the store continues to sell pornography after a second email to the major oil company, please submit the information on the store to Florida Family Association by using the Contact button at the Floridafamily.org web site.

Florida Family Association strongly recommends that you do NOT discuss your concerns regarding the store’s alleged contractual violation with the owner or employees of the store.

Amoco Kevin.Russell@bp.com Kevin Russell, BP-Amoco brand management
BP Kevin.Russell@bp.com Kevin Russell, BP-Amoco brand management
Chevron  steve.green@chevron.com   Stephen W. Green, VP Public Affairs
Citgo  jmoos@citgo.com Jennifer A. Moos, General Manager Brand Development
Conoco c.c.reasor@conocophillips.com  Clayton Reasor, President U.S. Marketing,
Exxon michael.j.roman@exxonmobil.com  Michael Roman, Franchise Manager
Hess hismall@hess.com H.I. Small, Vice President, Retail Operations
Marathon Tmkelley@mapllc.com Thomas Kelley, Manager, Marketing
Mobil michael.j.roman@exxonmobil.com   Michael Roman, Franchise Manager
Phillips  c.c.reasor@conocophillips.com Clayton Reasor, President U.S. Marketing
Spur Ken_Williams@murphyoilcorp.com Ken Williams, Manager, Marketing
Sunoco Rwowens@sunocoinc.com Robert W. Owens, Sr. Vice President
Texaco  steve.green@chevron.com   Stephen W. Green, VP Public Affairs


Shell Oil Company no longer enforces their marketing agreements which once prohibited independent retailers from selling pornography because they became a major supplier of gasoline to Circle K Stores. 

Click here to read Shell's former policy which is no longer being enforced.

Click here to read more about Shell Oil Company’s relationship with Circle K Stores

Click here to send your email to Shell Oil officials


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