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Colgate, another major advertiser, pulls off MTV trans show Degrassi.

Colgate Palmolive has responded to several Florida Family Association supporters with emails stating that they will not advertise again on Degrassi.

Florida Family Association supporters' emails made the difference.

Colgate Palmolive has responded to several Florida Family Association supporters with emails stating that they will not advertise again on Degrassi.  Their email response is posted below.

Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on June 20th about MTV airing through their Teen Nick channel for kids episodes of the show called Degrassi which affirms and promotes the transgender lifestyle to an audience of millions of young teens and children. The email alert identified Nationwide, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Colgate as NEW leading advertisers on recent episodes.

Supporters responded to Florida Family Association's email alert by sending thousands of emails to advertisers.

Colgate responded with the following email:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:     Thank you for contacting Colgate-Palmolive
Date:     Tue, 5 Jul 2011 16:06:58 -0500
From:     ColgateSurvey
To:      Florida Family Association supporter

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about the placement of our advertising during MTV’s television show, Degrassi. The Colgate advertisement that appeared during this program was aired without our knowledge or consent. We have communicated with those responsible for coordinating our advertisement placement to ensure that this not happen again.

The Colgate-Palmolive Company manufactures and sells products that improve the lives of people all around the world. Through our advertising, we generate awareness for our brands and communicate the unique value and benefits of our products to consumers. Our advertising is also a reflection of Colgate's reputation for reliability, dependability and trustworthiness. Therefore, our advertising content and placement must be sensitive to the public and its concerns, interests, and sensibilities.

We place advertising in a variety of media including television, radio, print, internet and outdoor. For placement on television, Colgate carefully considers the content of the on-air programming. We do not advertise on shows that contain programming that insults, ridicules, or denigrates people because of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental health. While we do not have control over the scripts of any television show, we exclude programs that we consider to be offensive, or in bad taste, or which could stimulate anti-social behavior through viewer imitation. Programs are also scrutinized for gratuitous violence and sexual content.

At Colgate, consumer opinions are a critical component of this process to determine appropriate advertising placement, and we thank you, again, for taking the time to contact us. We hope you will continue to be a loyal Colgate consumer for many years to come.


Florida Family Association places a priority on monitoring shows which target children with homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content.  Degrassi is one of those shows.  In most cases including this one, Florida Family Association is the only pro-family organization that contacts companies that advertise on this show.

If you have not sent your email to the companies that advertised on Degrassi please click here to send your email. 

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