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Chobani Yogurt CEO pursuing Syrian immigrants for employment in the United States.

  The email for this article has been deactivated.

The CEO and Founder of Chobani, Inc., a producer of Greek Yogurt, is rallying to hire Muslim immigrants from Syria.
CNN published an interview on September 21, 2015 titled Greek yogurt billionaire fills his plants with refugees.
CNN published an exclusive column on January 20, 2016 written by Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya.  Mr.Ulukaya’s column states in part:
This year, I launched Tent, a personal foundation focused on helping refugees and bringing together the private sector to help end the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.
These actions have inspired us to launch the Tent Pledge and the Tent Challenge.

The Tent Pledge asks companies all over the world to step up and do more. We're asking them to provide refugees with job training, employment opportunities, and the kind of direct assistance that experts have identified as a priority -- everything from blankets and water, to debit cards and Internet access.

Refugees haven't just helped build our business; they've helped improve our community. The same is true of former refugees like Google (GOOG) co-founder Sergey Brin, Intel (INTC, Tech30) co-founder Andy Grove, or WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum -- some of the world's most innovative and successful businesses simply wouldn't exist if they had been turned away in their time of need.

The character of the refugees, Hamdi Ulukaya describes in his column, is incomparable to the potential national security and public safety risks currently posed by average Syrian immigrants according to the following reports:

Investor’s Business Daily reported on November 4, 2015: Poll: 13% Of Syrian Refugees Support ISIS, 23% — or almost 1 in 4 — could be susceptible to ISIS recruitment. Immigration: A first-of-its-kind survey of the hordes of Syrian refugees entering Europe found 13% support the Islamic State. The poll should raise alarms about the risks posed by the resettlement of 10,000 refugees in the U.S.

The poll of 900 Syrian refugees by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies also found that another 10% of the displaced Syrians have a lukewarm, but not entirely negative, view of the terror group. That means 23% — or almost 1 in 4 — could be susceptible to ISIS recruitment.

It also means as many 2,500 of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration is resettling inside American cities are potential terrorist threats.

The Homeland Security Committee for the United States House of Representatives issued a report on February 12, 2015 titled:  FBI Warns of Intelligence Gap on Foreign Fighters in Syria, Iraq.  This report states in part:  “We don't have it under control,” said Mr. Michael Steinback, Assistant Director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  “Absolutely, we're doing the best we can. If I were to say that we had it under control, then I would say I know of every single individual traveling. I don't. And I don't know every person there and I don't know everyone coming back. So it's not even close to being under control.”

The Daily Caller issued a report on November 19, 2015 titled: FBI Director: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Vet Every Single Syrian Refugee.  The report summarizes FBI Director James Comey objection to pending legislation which would require him to personally sign off on immigrants from Syria and Iraq.
Breitbart issued a report dated January 20, 2016 titled: We Could Have Seen Europe’s Muslim Rape Crisis Coming.  There have been a multitude of news reports over the last six months regarding the Muslim rape crisis in Europe.  Will America be next?
Additionally, millions of Americans need the jobs that are being given to political immigrants.

US News and World Report published an article on July 16, 2015 stating that While unemployment is low many more workers have left the workforce because there are no jobs.

The country's labor force participation rate – which measures the share of Americans at least 16 years old who are either employed or actively looking for work – dipped last month to a 38-year low, clocking in at an underwhelming 62.6 percent.

Unemployed individuals who haven't actively looked for a job in the last four weeks, for any number of reasons, actually slip away from the Labor Department's unemployment calculations.

So although the unemployment rate ticked down to a seven-year low of 5.3 percent in June, that number didn't do justice to the 640,000 individuals who exited the labor market last month and the nearly 94 million people who were neither employed nor looking for work.

American companies need to spend resources to find and help American workers displaced by the poorly performing economy before going abroad and sponsoring immigrants, especially immigrants that may pose national security and public safety risks.
It is very disappointing that Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya wants to give jobs in America to Syrian immigrants given current news reports regarding the national security risks, public safety risks and American unemployment statistics.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send urging Chobani, Inc. officials to make national security, public safety and jobs for Americans the priority in Chobani hiring practices.

The email for this article has been deactivated.

Contact information:

Chobani, LLC
147 State Highway 320
Norwich, NY 13815

Hamdi Ulukaya
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David Denholm
President and Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Sokollek
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations

Nicki Briggs
Director of Communications

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