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FFA Influences MTV2 and Comedy Central to drop the perverted and irresponsible cartoon Glenn Martin DDS.

Florida Family Association's June 10th email campaign appears to have headed off another attempt by the MTV networks to add the Glenn Martin DDS show to their sister channel MTV2.


MTV2 aired several episodes of Glenn Martin DDS on June 9, 2010. Florida Family Association responded the next day by sending out an email alert which encouraged supporters to send emails to the companies that advertised during the episodes that aired on MTV2.

Good News! Glenn Martin DDS has not aired again on MTV2 nor is it scheduled to air during the next two weeks on TVGuide.com.  Click here to see TVGuide.com schedule for Glenn Martin DDS.

Glenn Martin DDS is a perverted cartoon created by Michael Eisner's new company. The sexual content of the cartoon is inappropriate to air on Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV2 networks that are watched by millions of children. Some examples of the Glenn Martin DDS content which are inappropriate for children include:

* Glenn has phone sex with automobile navigation voice.
* Brother and sister tout their incestuous relationship with other children.
* 13 year old boy cites porn magazine.
* Mom has intimate relationship with 13 year old boy.
* Parents engage in handcuff sexual bondage.
* Young adult females kissing in pool in presence of children.

This was the second attempt by MTV networks to move this irresponsible show to another channel. MTV networks moved Glenn Martin DDS to their Comedy Central channel in January 2010. Florida Family Association responded immediately with an email campaign to all of the companies that advertised during Glenn Martin DDS on Comedy Central. Several companies informed reported that they would not advertise again on the show. Comedy Central has NOT aired the program again thanks to the thousands of emails that supporters sent to advertisers.

Florida Family Association's email campaigns thus far have influenced: 1. MTV2 to drop the show. 2. Comedy Central to drop the show. 3. Nickelodeon to repeatedly change the show's schedule date to avoid FFA's contact with their advertisers.

Florida Family Association is committed to contacting companies that advertise on this sick and irresponsible show wherever and whenever it airs with the goal of significantly weakening the program's profitability and viability. We are hopeful that our continued contact with advertisers will result Glenn Martin DDS being removed from the Nickelodeon channel and therefore off television all together.

Your support is important to making that happen.

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