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Merck & Co. stops advertising on Al Jazeera America thanks to your emails.

Merck & Co. - WhyamIsoawake.com stops advertising on Al Jazeera America thanks to your emails.

April 29, 2015.  Florida Family Association sent out email alerts on April 22 and April 25, 2015 titled Merck & Co. is a top advertiser on the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood linked Al Jazeera America.  The alert encouraged thousands of subscribers to send emails that urged Merck & Co. to stop advertising WhyamIsoawake.com on this network. 

The Merck & Co. advertisements have not appeared on Al Jazeera America since April 26, 2015.  

Al Jazeera, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news company that is owned by the non-democratic, monarch styled emirate of Qatar who allows wealthy citizens to financially support ISIS, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, backs the head of Hamas, espouses Islamic Sharia law and does not afford citizens freedom of the press.

The news media does influence the political positions of the public.  The Islamist political positions held by Al Jazeera officials and/or owner pose a threat to changing American public policy that has protected life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  There are many reasons why Corporate America should not spend United States' consumer dollars with Al Jazeera America.  

A special thanks to everyone who sent emails to Merck & Co.

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