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Fitness Made Simple stops advertising on Al Jazeera America.

Fitness Made Simple stops advertising on Al Jazeera America.

211 companies have pulled their ads.

Al Jazeera, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news company that is owned by the non-democratic, monarch styled emirate of Qatar who allows wealthy citizens to financially support ISIS, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, backs the head of Hamas, espouses Islamic Sharia law and does not afford citizens freedom of the press.

The news media does influence the political positions of the public.  The Islamist political positions held by Al Jazeera officials and/or owner pose a threat to changing American public policy that has protected life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The Washington Times reported on December 10, 2014 Qatar allows money to flow to Islamic State, other terrorists.   “Qatar-based terror finance challenges have metastasized into a pressing, world-class crisis,” states the report by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, warning the flow of money from private individuals in the Persian Gulf nation is likely only to continue without a “serious change in U.S. policy.”

Fox News reported on January 10, 2015 Leaked Al Jazeera emails reveal disdain for Paris murder victims.  “Defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing; insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile,” wrote Khadr, quoting Time magazine, as he urged Al Jazeera staffers to consider that “I am Charlie” is an “alienating slogan – with us or against us type of statement – one can be anti-CH’s racism and ALSO against murdering people.”

There are many more reasons why Corporate America should not spend United States' consumer dollars with Al Jazeera America.   Click here to read more.

Florida Family Association tapes ten hours of programing on Al Jazeera America every day.  The Florida Family Association office communicates with each advertiser no less than once per week.  Top advertisers are strategically featured one at a time because there are so few of them. 

Fitness Made Simple responded with the following email after receiving several email communications from the Florida Family Association office:

Atlantic Coast Media Group

Date:     Mon, 9 Mar 2015 00:47:38 -0400
From:     Schipperke Productions
To:      Comcast Cable
CC:     DavidCaton@FloridaFamily.org

Hey Erin,

Wanted to make you aware of a situation. See the email trail below. We were contacted by an organization that incorrectly says we are buying ads on an Islamic-related station in Florida. Since we don't buy ads on any such station and only work through you for placing our free PI TV spots through Comcast, can you please make sure that none of the Fitness Made Simple spots run on this station? We don't respond to harassment, nor do we condone this organization's tactics (we've notified our lawyers about them), but we also don't want to ever be tied to such a TV station. Thanks for your help.

As you can tell not all advertisers appreciate Florida Family Association's persistent and aggressive strategy regarding Al Jazeera America.  Florida Family Association has confirmed that Fitness Made Simple stopped advertising after March 8, 2015.   Not all advertisers inform Florida Family Association of their decision to pull off of the network.  A total of two hundred eleven (211) companies have stopped advertising on Al Jazeera America.

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