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Gannett’s USA Today applauds Sharia in America.

Gannett’s USA Today applauds Sharia in America.  

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USA Today published a headline story in their Sunday, October 12, 2014 Money section titled “Sharia financing takes off in the West.”  A full page Samsung advertisement paid the way for USA Today to publish this rubbish.  Click on the below photograph to enlarge. 

The article reports that Ahmed Khan wanted to expand his Halal only meat company, Barkaat Foods, in America.  However, Khan’s “strict adherence to his Muslim faith” would not allow him to obtain a traditional American loan.  He needed a loan that would comply with Islamic Sharia law.

Prairie Street Capital invested the money in Barkaat Foods that Khan needed to expand.  Michael Barry, president of Prairie Street Capital said “The U.S. Muslim population is projected to grow by 35% in the next 20 years, so Barkaat was uniquely positioned.  We saw a business that we felt good about owning, we felt good about being a part of.”  Prairie Street Capital is also invested in Glass America, MilesTek, Weld Racing, Copperfield, Pyramid Industries, Intech Edm and Xycarb Ceramics.

So USA Today wrote a glowing headline article that clearly applauds an American business for providing Sharia compliant funds to a company that sells Sharia compliant Halal meats.  

Does USA Today and Prairie Street Mortgage not know that Sharia law advocates many practices that conflict with the rights afforded under the United States Constitution and/or violate state and federal law including:  

  • Perjury, Muslims are permitted and prompted to lie to non-Muslims.
  • Discrimination, Muslims are permitted and impelled to discriminate against non-Muslims.
  • Abolition of adoption rights otherwise granted under American laws.
  • Abolition of Wills, Inheritance Instruments and Last Testaments established under American laws.
  • Abolition of certain interest income otherwise specified in loan, mortgage and other borrowing documents.
  • Diminished rights of women in court.  It takes the testimony of two women to equal one man in Sharia court.
  • Polygamy, Muslim men may marry up to four wives.  Muhammad married thirteen women in violation of the Qur'an which he inspired his prophets to write.
  • Pedophilia, Muslim men can marry girls as young as 14.  However, Muhammad took a wife named Ayesha that was nine years old.
  • Muslim husbands are given the right to beat their wives as a form of discipline.
  • Severe discipline toward women including isolation, discrimination, full body cover, genital mutilation and beatings.
  • Savage retribution including amputating limbs and gouging out eyes for crimes like theft.
  • Barbaric marital punishment toward women including rape, honor killing and public stoning.  
  • The killing of adulterers, homosexuals and Islamist apostates. 
  • Imprisonment and/or execution of blasphemers and non-believers. 
  • Vicious jihad against non-Muslims to establish Islam's rule worldwide.  Muslims who cannot take on physical jihad must support it with their money.

Does USA Today and Prairie Street Capital not know that instead of Muslims assimilating in America and embracing the United States Constitution they are holding on to Sharia law which governs twenty five countries (Muslims and non-Muslims)?  Does USA Today and Prairie Street Capital not know that Islamist leaders are calling for America to be ruled by Sharia law?

  • Omar Ahmad, Chairman and founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), told a Muslim crowd Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.
  • Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) founder and former Secretary-General Sayyid Syeed was recorded in 2006 as saying, “Our job is to change the constitution of America.”  It is the Islamist mission to institute Sharia law as public policy in the United States. 

USA Today certainly has the right to choose the reports that they publish.  Prairie Street Capital has the right to choose the companies in which they invest.  Samsung has the right to choose the mediums in which they advertise.  You have the same right to voice your concerns and choose to patronize companies that won't advocate for Sharia law in the United States.  

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to voice your concern to officials at Samsung, Gannett and Prairie Street Capital.

The email for this article was deactivated for time.

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USA Today Gannett’s USA Today applauds Sharia in America.


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