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Aircraft banner proclaimed AIG sponsors Jihad TV at MetLife Stadium on September 28, 2014.

Florida Family Association hired Aerial Messages, Inc. to fly a banner stating AIG SPONSORS JIHAD TV before the Detroit Lions vs. New York Jets game on Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at MetLife Stadium in New York.   The Los Angeles Times reported on August 15, 2013 that “some derisively label the network ‘Jihad TV.’"

Florida Family Association issued a press release that announced the aircraft banner project which resulted in the following news reports:

Daily Caller
Ironic Surrealism
Creeping Sharia
Standard Newswire
Pat Dollard
Encounter Gospel News
Wisconsin Family Action
The Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog
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Guerilla Media Network
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Rapture Manager

Al Jazeera is a news company that is owned by a non-democratic, monarch styled emirate who does not afford citizens freedom of the press, espouses Islamic Sharia law, backs the head of Hamas and supports the Muslim Brotherhood. 

American International Group (AIG) is the only Fortune 500 Company to advertise on Al Jazeera America during the past eleven months.  Thousands of concerned consumers have sent emails urging AIG officials to stop supporting Al Jazeera America with advertising dollars.  More people have sent emails of concern to AIG than on average watch Al Jazeera America each week according to a report filed by NewsMax.

If you have not sent your email to AIG please click here.

Florida Family Association will fly banners regarding AIG's sponsorship of Al Jazeera America at more stadiums and events as long as the company continues to advertise on the channel.

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Please urge AIG to stop supporting Hamas linked Al Jazeera America! http://floridafamily.org/full_article.php?article_no=399

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