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Wells Fargo’s sponsorship empowered GLAAD to censor Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.

Wells Fargo’s sponsorship empowered GLAAD to censor Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.

The email for this article was deactivated for time lapse on issue.

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)  boasted on December 18, 2013“Following calls from GLAAD, A&E Network has placed Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty on an indefinite filming hiatus after he made anti-gay remarks in a recent profile in GQ Magazine. The network said in a statement today:” 

After A&E said they would allow Phil Robertson to return to the show GLAAD continued to be at odds with Duck Dynasty.  The Los Angeles Times reports “GLAAD is not pleased with A&E's decision reversing the suspension of Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty." 

Cell phone display of GLAAD.org
  Where does GLAAD get the power to singlehandedly remove the lead character from the most popular network program? 

One major source is Wells Fargo's sponsorship of GLAAD.

Wells Fargo’s sponsorship was prominently posted on the GLAAD website during the time that this organization caused A&E to remove Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. 

Wells Fargo’s logo continues to boast support for this organization which continues to disagree with Duck Dynasty.

Wells Fargo, a bank that profits from all walks of life, empowered GLAAD to attack Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty for biblically based beliefs that are shared by millions of Americans.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send through our server to communicate concern regarding Wells Fargo’s sponsorship of GLAAD whose efforts censored Phil Robertson.
The email for this article was deactivated for time lapse on issue.

Wells Fargo contact information.

Wells Fargo & Co
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 1-866-878-5865



John G. Stumpf
Chairman, President and CEO
Wells Fargo & Company





Timothy J. Sloan
Chief Financial Officer
Wells Fargo & Company






Richard D. Levy
Executive Vice President,
Wells Fargo & Company





John D. Baker II, director
Executive Chairman
Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.






Elaine L. Chao, director
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

Email blocked to the public.





John S. Chen, director
Retired Chairman, CEO
Sybase, Inc.


Email blocked to the public.




Lloyd H. Dean, director
President and CEO
Dignity Health





Susan E. Engel, director
Retired Chief Executive Officer
Portero, Inc.

Email blocked to the public.




Enrique Hernandez, Jr., director
Chairman, President and CEO
Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.





Donald M. James, director
Chairman and CEO
Vulcan Materials Company




Cynthia H. Milligan, director
Dean Emeritus, College of Business Administration
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Email blocked to the public.




Federico F. Peña, director
Senior Advisor
Vestar Capital Partners





Howard V. Richardson, director
Retired Partner


Email blocked to the public.




Judith M. Runstad, director
Of Counsel
Foster Pepper PLLC






Stephen W. Sanger, director
Retired Chairman
General Mills, Inc.





Susan G. Swenson, director
Retired President and CEO
Sage Software, Inc.

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