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Citizens must do what U.S. officials won’t to thwart Al Jazeera’s potential impact on American liberties.

Many U.S. officials not only have no concern about Al Jazeera America but they are issuing public statements applauding it.

Citizens must do what U.S. officials won’t to thwart
Al Jazeera’s potential on American liberties.   

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Al Jazeera advertiser Red Lobster.

America’s political leaders, including Republicans, were duped into believing the Arab Spring was a moderate group.  These officials trusted the Arab Spring’s representations of intentions for “moderate” political reform in the Middle East and North Africa.  However, the Arab Spring turned out to be backed by the radical Muslim Brotherhood with intentions to dominate the region.

The influence of the Brotherhood and related Islamist groups has surged following last year's Arab Spring uprisings” reports TheNational.ae.  The Muslim Brotherhood via the Arab Spring now dominates political reform in Egypt and Libya.

Now “Al Jazeera … has big plans for its American operation…” NewsMax.com reports.  “The U.S. cable news channel, Al Jazeera America, will be editorially separate from the Doha-based broadcast center that is also home to Al Jazeera English.” 

The Muslim Brotherhood supported Al Jazeera is claiming the U.S. channel will be “editorially separate from the Doha-based broadcast center…”  This is similar to the Muslim Brotherhood supported Arab Spring saying they were for moderate reforms.

Some elected and even some law enforcement officials will never accept that Islam permits, encourages and even applauds lying for Allah to advance Islam. Taqiyya, also spelt Taqiya - Tuqya – Taqqiyah is the term that is known as “lying for Islam.”  

There could be as many as or even more than 10 Million Muslims living in the United States based upon a 2011 study which reported that 6.58 Million Muslims lived in this country. 

CurrentTV, now assuming the name Al Jazeera America, started off 2013 with approximately 22,000 viewers.  How long will it take for America’s 10 Million Muslims to start tuning into Al Jazeera America after the program content changes to their liking?

Some naysayers have voiced criticism of Florida Family Association’s efforts to influence companies to stop advertising on Al Jazeera America.  These critics say “Al Jazeera has oil money so they don’t need the advertising dollars anyway.”  This is true. 

However, how long do you think a cable company will carry Al Jazeera America when they lose the overwhelming majority of the channel’s advertisers?  So far with the support of thousands of concerned patriotic Americas many large companies have been influenced to pull off of Al Jazeera.  Many of these reputable companies have pulled their advertising not because they intended to on their own but because Florida Family Association urged them to put America first.

The battle to preserve Corporate America policy that affects consumers in the United States does not fail if Al Jazeera America continues to air.  However, the battle is lost if this effort fails to influence American Corporations to refuse to do business with the Muslim Brotherhood backed Al Jazeera America.  The following will likely occur if efforts are not taken now to influence Corporate America to stop doing business with Al Jazeera:

  • If American companies believe there is nothing wrong with doing business with Al Jazeera America then they will be more inclined to have the same attitude toward donating to support pro-Islamist groups like the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamic Soc. of North America (ISNA) Muslim Student’s Association (MSA), etc. 
  • Case in point.  Best Buy donated to the January 2012 banquet of CAIR Minnesota most likely because they thought it would earn their business.
  • If American companies become comfortable with advertising on Al Jazeera America what will they do in the future when they are asked to be Sharia compliant in order to reach the then 25 Million Muslims in the United States.
  • Case in point.  Wal-Mart, the American company that has been very responsive to Florida Family Association’s concerns regarding several issues, sells Halal branded meat in their Dearborn Michigan stores (only.)  Halal is the official Islamic approval of processed meat.

Many United States Government officials not only have no concern about Al Jazeera America but they are issuing public statements applauding it.  Some of the officials that Al Jazeera boasts supports their new channel are posted below.

Government is not going to deal with the threat that Al Jazeera America poses to American liberties over the long term.  In fact, in some cases they support the channel.  That means it will be up to the citizens of the United States who hold dear the liberties and traditions of America to do something about it.

And now is the time to voice concern over the new ownership of this channel.  Not after the program content changes and companies fear reprisal if they pull their advertising.  And not after American companies have grown comfortable with doing business with a cable channel that is backed and supported by the most radical Islamists in the world.

Each and every company that is influenced to stop advertising on Al Jazeera America is a victory for American public policy.

More companies have informed Florida Family Association of their intentions to stop advertising on Al Jazeera America.  Others have quietly stopped their promotions.  Watch for more reports on this good news.

Al Jazzeera boasts Notable Quotes from United States officials.  Click here to see quotes on Al Jazeera web site.

Senator John McCain“What Al Jazeera has done is achieve something that all of us I think want to achieve as we grow older, and that is to make a contribution that will last and be brought to future generations that lie ahead of us.” (May 2011)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because its real news … you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and arguments between talking heads.” (May 2011)

Dean of Columbia Journalism School Nicholas Lemann“Al Jazeera English has performed a great service … We salute its determination to get to the heart of a complicated story unfolding in countries where news has historically been difficult to cover.” (May 2011 )

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
“Its audience has grown and it can be an important means of communication in the world, and I am delighted you are doing what you are doing.” (August 2011)

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell“I’m kind of a news junkie, and I switch around all my cable news. But lately it’s become less and less cable news and more trolling websites and now Al Jazeera.” (February 2011)

Media Commentator & Journalist Jeff Jarvis“Vital, world-changing news is occurring in the Middle East and no one – not the xenophobic or celebrity-obsessed or cut-to-the-bone American media – can bring the perspective, insight, and on-the-scene reporting Al Jazeera English can.” (January 2011)

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