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A religion of peace? This is why opposing Islamization and Sharia right now in America is crucial.

It appears that Afghan Muslims were inspired to have their rewards “multiplied” for the “good deed” of killing American coalition soldiers after "fasting, praying and reciting the Quran." Of course Islam is a religion of peace, right? Wrong.

Muslim rage toward non-Muslims must be important to the advancement of Islam’s “religion of peace” because they participate in it frequently without admonition from the leadership of Islamic Imams.  The Ramadan inspired attacks on American troops in Afghanistan, Muslim nail bomb attack on German Embassy in Egypt and Muslim protest in London are good examples of this “religion of peace.”


Ramadan inspired attacks on American troops in Afghanistan

Associated Press reports:  General: Ramadan factor in Afghan insider attacks. The top commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John R. Allen, said Thursday that while the reasons for the killings are not fully understood, the effect of Ramadan fasting is likely among the causes.”  

According to Islam, the sawab (rewards) of fasting are many, but in the month of Ramadan they are believed to be multiplied.  Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan typically includes the increased offering of salat (prayers) and recitation of the Quran.  Sawab refers to "spiritual merit or reward that accrues from the performance of good deeds and piety” and is “as an exhortation to do good."

It appears that Afghan Muslims were inspired to have their rewards “multiplied” for the “good deed” of killing American coalition soldiers after "fasting, praying and reciting the Quran."  Of course Islam is a religion of peace, right?  Wrong.


Muslim nail bomb attack on German Embassy in Egypt over depictions of Mohammad

Reuters reports:  Egypt arrests man after nail bomb attack on German embassy.  Police in Egypt on Wednesday arrested a man who tossed four homemade nail bombs into the German embassy grounds and attacked the entrance with a hammer but injured nobody and caused no serious damage, the embassy and security sources said.  

The man acted out of anger after reading an Egyptian newspaper report on Friday which described a protest by German right-wing activists who had paraded caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in front of a German mosque, they said.”

Many Muslims consider any depiction of the Prophet to be offensive - a series of cartoons in a Danish newspaper in 2005 (reported below) on the same subject sparked protests across the Islamic world."


Muslim protest in London and around the world

The series of photographs displayed below (verified by Snopes) were taken during a February 3, 2006 protest staged in London by Muslims who were angered over cartoons in Scandinavian publications that depicted the prophet Muhammad.

The most common way that Sharia is birthed into a society is not by enactment from elected officials but by elected officials ignoring the Islamic laws’ application by practicing Muslims within their jurisdiction.  The Tampa Police Department’s ignoring the honor killing of Fatima Abdallah is one example.  The Hillsborough County School Board ignoring CAIR’s teaching students in Tampa about Sharia law is another example.  As the population of Muslims grow within that society and their political influence becomes stronger application of Sharia moves from acceptance by ignorance to adoption by their elected officials.

Florida Family Association is opposing Sharia in America by:

  • Supporting legislation that prohibits courts from recognizing foreign laws including Islamic Sharia law.
  • Confronting public officials who violate their oath of office by embracing provisions of Sharia law that are inconsistent with American laws.
  • Exposing corporations that embrace or facilitate groups like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) who support Sharia in America.

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