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Kellogg's says no to MTV's inappropriate pro-transgender show Degrassi which targets kids on Teen Nick.

Florida Family Association has issued several email alerts regarding Degrassi over the past two years which have resulted in a large number of companies pulling off the program.
Kellogg's says no to advertising on MTV's inappropriate pro-transgender show Degrassi show which targets kids.
MTV tried to convince mainstream advertisers that the content of Degrassi presented important teen issues in a responsible manner.  However, the super majority of mainstream companies stopped advertising on this show after Florida Family Association repeatedly informed them about the extreme content involving bizarre sexual role playing and drug abuse and overdose of the program.

The interactions of three Degrassi characters demonstrate one faction of the irresponsible content of this show.  The transgender female to male character Adam is intimately interested in a bi-sexual female Fiona.  However, Fiona is confused as to whether she is lesbian or bi-sexual while she interacts with Riley.  Riley is an open homosexual and starting quarterback for the high school football team.  The odds of this mix of sordid sexual deviations occurring in any high school at this high social clique level are a million to one.  Yet, MTV targets our children and teens on their Teen Nick channel with this garbage numerous times a week and tries to sell it as programming that treats serious teen matters responsibly.

Florida Family Association has issued several email alerts regarding Degrassi over the past two years which have resulted in a large number of companies pulling off the program.  The last email campaign identified Nationwide, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Colgate as new advertisers and encouraged them to stop supporting Degrassi with their advertising dollars.  All four companies, Nationwide, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Colgate, have not advertised in the recent months. 

Kellogg's responded
to one of many emails the Florida Family Association office sends out to companies each week that advertise during numerous shows.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:00 PM
Subject: Kellogg Consumer Affairs 025832279A

Dear Mr. Caton,

We appreciate you bringing this recent advertising placement concern to our attention. We have a long standing advertising placement policy which helps ensure that we place our advertising in environments that reflect the positive image of our brands. When applying this standard, we find that many programs, including Degrassi, do not meet our criteria.

After investigating with our advertising agency and Nickelodeon, it appears that Degrassi ran in a different time slot than usual on May 11 and Teen Nick inadvertently placed our advertising on this one episode. We are working with Nickelodeon to tighten their internal processes to avoid mis-placement in the future.

Joanna K. Grennes
Sr. Director Consumer Communications
Consumer Affairs Department

There are only about a dozen companies left which continue to advertise on Degrassi. Most of the companies that continue to advertise are skin care companies like Proactiv and Clearasil that have been unresponsive to email campaigns in the past.  Florida Family Association’s efforts have clearly been effective in making shows like this less profitable.  Monitoring of this and other programs which target children with inappropriate sexual situations and drugs will continue.

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