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Florida Family Association airplane banners warn even more families about Gay Day at Disney 2012.

While the parking lots of other theme parks were overflowing the Magic Kingdom had several parking lots that were completely empty.


Florida Family Association paid Aerial Messages $12,300 to fly banners warning potential Magic Kingdom guests about Gay Day at Disney scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2012.  

Two planes pulled banners which stated “Warning: Gay Day at Disney 6/2” for 18.5 total hours on Friday, June 1, 2012. 

One plane pulled a banner which stated “Warning: Gay Day at Disney 2day” for ten hours on Saturday, June 2, 2012.  A second plane flew two hours on Saturday to make up for stormy weather on Friday. 


The results of the airplane banner project are reported as follows:

  • Overall attendance appeared to be DOWN another 5% more than last year’s 50% drop in attendance.  The Magic Kingdom parking lots had approximately 1,210 fewer cars (11 double rows) compared to last year at the same time of day.  There were less than fifty people on average in line to buy tickets throughout the morning and early afternoon.  See photos below.
  • Gay Day patron attendance was DOWN close to 60% from last year.  Their visual presence declined significantly with FAR FEWER red shirts promoting Gay Day.  The most likely reason for this steep decline is because Gay Day patrons felt unwelcome after seeing the airplane banners last year.  Gay Day patrons knew more banners would be at the Magic Kingdom again this year.  This would explain why pro-Gay Day groups hired two planes to pull banners with counter messages.  See photo posted below.
  • Foreign traveler attendance especially from South America was up significantly and almost made up for the entire loss of Gay Day patrons.  Bloomberg reported that Disney is benefitting from a boost in South American tourists with Brazilian tourism alone up by 33%
  • Pilots reported that the parking lots of all of the other parks were FULL whereas the Magic Kingdom had several parking lots that were completely empty.
  • Heavy rain during mid-Friday prevented the planes from flying during a couple of preferred hours, cancelled the in air 1:00 PM press conference and likely caused some people to patronize the Magic Kingdom on Saturday instead of Friday.  Knowing the rain was on the way planes launched almost two hours early and flew until dark to cover as much daylight as possible.

Gay Day at Disney still offended many regular families who left early.

  • Numerous cars left the parking lot after families were in the park for just a couple of hours.  On average, eighteen (18) cars per row of one hundred ten (110) left the Magic Kingdom early after being in the park for less than three (3) hours.
  • Several families stood in line at the front gate to complain about the event.  The body language of many other families demonstrated their disappointment as they left the park.  One family, with mom, dad and three children, walked toward a tram to leave the park around 12:30.  They avoided getting on the first available tram car which was all but empty except for one gay couple.  The family briskly walked up to the tram car with a dozen families and climbed on the vehicle.

We are very pleased with the measured result of this effort to warn families about Gay Day at Disney.  Clearly we made a strong impact again this year with tens of thousands of fewer children and thousands fewer of Gay Day patrons in the park.  A SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who gave almost $12,900 to pay for this project. The $600 collected above the $12,300 aircraft contract amount helped pay for the team's two night stay in Orlando.” David Caton, Florida Family Association Executive Director.  Click here to see Aerial Messages invoice.


Ticket lines were bleak.
Entrance circle after train station.

Circle in front of castle.
Main Street before Castle circle.

Walk toward rides.
Aerial Messages made the difference.

Major absence of Gay Day red shirts
in crowd gathered for parade.
Major absence of Gay Day red shirts
in crowd gathered for parade.

Gay Day patrons' attire like this may
have offended uninformed guests.
Gay Day patrons' attire like this may
have offended uninformed guests.

Opponents to Florida Family Association banners flew this banner for two hours on Friday.

For more information regarding this issue click here.

If you would like to send our prepared email urging Disney officials not to allow Gay Day to occur during normal operating hours when unsuspecting families are a captured audience in the park click here.

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