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April 9th Tampa Tribune opinion piece excoriates Florida Family Association while defending CAIR. Please send New email to New advertisers.

The American values we cherish cannot afford to allow the liberal media like The Tampa Tribune to go unopposed in their propagation of CAIR.
    April 9th Tampa Tribune opinion piece excoriates Florida Family Association while defending CAIR.

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The Tampa Tribune published their own opinion piece on April 9, 2012 titled “School speakers add depth.”  The Tribune editorial formally contends that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) should have unfettered access to students while ridiculing opponents with factually flawed information. 

The Tribune wrote “David Caton's offer of a $2,000 reward for tips about any planned appearances by the Council on American Islamic Relations at Steinbrenner High School is a publicity stunt not worthy of an instant of anyone's time.”  If that were true why did The Tribune even mention it now as their first line of defense for CAIR?   And why did The Tribune publish a lengthy news report regarding the reward with a huge photo of Florida CAIR Director Hassan Shibly with a demeaningly small photo of David Caton?  

The answer to both of these questions is because some Steinbrenner teachers accepted Florida Family Association’s offer. These teachers are watching.  The school district can no longer depend on hiding their actions by feeding Florida Family Association belated and incomplete documents in response to public records requests.

The Tribune wrote “He (CAIR’s Hassan Shibly) … was one of a number of speakers, including a priest, the teacher lined up to speak about major religions.”  Florida Family Association’s public records request documents indicate that no other religious figures were invited to speak in the teacher’s class until after we inquired about CAIR addressing students.  The documents we received from the school district also show that only one other religious figure was scheduled to address students after our inquiry but he cancelled.  The Tribune is wrong.   No religious figures other than CAIR addressed this teacher’s students.

Furthermore, Hassan Shibly is the fulltime, paid director for CAIR Florida which is a political advocacy group NOT a religious institution such as a mosque, temple, synagogue or church.  One of CAIR’s top political projects during the last four months has been opposing legislation in twenty states that would prohibit courts from recognizing Islamist Sharia law in legal decisions.

There are many provisions of Sharia law which advocate violence prohibited by state statutes and deny rights afforded under our constitutions such as wife submission beating, polygamy, female body punishment, pedophilia, marital rape, honor killing and imprisonment and/or execution of blasphemers and non-Muslims.

The school board strictly prohibits any form of political advocacy on school property.  It is idiotic for the school board to prohibit employees from engaging in speech about American politics while allowing CAIR officials to instruct students regarding Islamist political foreign law called Sharia.  

We cannot and will not rely upon the school district’s untimely and incomplete response to our public records requests regarding future CAIR or Muslim Brotherhood type speakers in Tampa schools.  Therefore, a reward for such information was offered to teachers.  Thankfully, some Steinbrenner teachers accepted our offer and are watching.

The American values we cherish cannot afford to allow the liberal media like The Tampa Tribune to go unopposed in their propagation of CAIR.

The following Fifty Seven (57) companies discontinued advertising after Florida Family Association sent out three email alerts earlier this year which encouraged supporters to send emails to these former advertisers:  AAA, American Signature Furniture, Argosy.edu, Baycare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BP, Brandon Ford, Brightroll, Caban Skin Institute, Caldwell Banker Florida, Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive - Toms of Maine, Courtney Pat State Farm, Dell, DeVry, Don CeSar Beach Hotel, Elmcroft of Carrollwood (Senior Care US), Eucerin cream (Beiersdorf), Experian, Fifth Third Bank, Finest Cuban Sandwich, Florida Hospital, GL Homes, HCA Health West Florida, HTC Inspire 4G, Inspirato, Intuit - Turbotax, Jet Blue, John Deere, K. Hovnanian Homes, Martins Jewelers, McDonalds, Medifast Weight Control Centers.com, Minto, Moreno Spine, Muvico, Pediatric Dental Center, Perich Eye Center, Petflow.com, Plantation on Crystal River, Pottery Barn (Williams Sonoma, Inc.), Publix, Senica Air, System Soft Technologies, Tampa Bay Insurance Center, Tampa Bay Skating Academy, TD Ameritrade, The Reproductive Medical Group (Floridafertility.com), The Shops at Wiregrass, Tony Lee State Farm, Toyota, Universal Studios, Value City Furniture, Verizon, Veterans Ford, Vitale Institute and Weight Watchers.

The following Twenty Five (25) companies recently advertised with The Tampa Tribune:  AARP - The Hartford Group, AT&T, Arnold Dentistry, Capella University, Climate Design, Delhaize America - Sweetbay Supermarkets, Dun & Bradstreet - Hoovers.com, Floridamarinaclubs.com, Ford, Gamingwonderland.com, H & R Block, HCA West Florida, Intuit,  MetroPCS, Netflix, Pella, Regis – Supercuts, Seaworld - Busch Gardens -  Discovery Cove - Seaworld, Taco Bell, The Toronto-Dominion Bank, The Pub, TJX Companies - Home Goods, Transunion, Volkswagen of America – Audi and Unique Air Services.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to the companies that recently advertised with The Tampa Tribune.

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Please forward this artile to family and friends who are concerned about the acceptance of Islamic policy and Sharia law in America.

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