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HomeServe is a top sponsor of Joy Reid’s anti white hate and Huffpost.com leftist hate.

The email for this article was deactivated after the company stopped advertising.

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HomeServe is a top advertiser on The ReidOut and frequent advertiser at Huffpost.com.  It appears that HomeServe does not have any policy regarding the content on which its advertising appears.  It also appears from the lack of response from emails to HomeServe officials that the company is okay with the anti-white hate promoted by Joy Reid and the leftist hate promoted by HuffPost.com.

The ReidOut, hosted by Joy Reid, on MSNBC is one of the most anti-white racist programs on television.   The ReidOut’s host, sit in hosts and some contributors practice anti-white hate speech that is offensive, racist and likely inspires hate among some viewers of this show.  The ReidOut supports the defund the police movement, defends Black Lives Matter riots, promotes reparations, advocates Critical Race Theory and disparages white people especially Christian white people.  Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC epitomizes the harmful elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT).   That is why the Florida Family Association office has been sending emails to the CEO and CMO of companies that advertise on The ReidOut for the past 18 months.    These emails provide numerous examples of Joy Reid’s anti-white hate speech. 

348 out of 415 companies have stopped advertising on The ReidOut as of March 31, 2023.

HuffPost.com feeds its readers with deceitful and hateful propaganda which likely inspires disdain toward other Americans and promotes Islamist propaganda.  Huffpost.com routinely publishes many venomous articles that inflame negative attitudes towards Christians, Jews, American troops, police and white people.  These articles certainly inspire division at the least and disdain for other American citizens at the worst.  HuffPost publishes dangerous Islamist propaganda that has defended misogynistic Sharia law, defended the Muslim Brotherhood, fundraised for the Council on American Islamic Relations, blamed Christians for worldwide conflict with Muslims, promoted an anti-Semitic blog and encouraged Islamist demagoguery.  Examples of HuffPost's vitriolic, leftist hate and Islamist propaganda articles are posted here at this floridafamily.org article.

2,040 companies have stopped advertising at HuffPost.com as of December 31, 2022.

Florida Family Association sent numerous emails to express concern to HomeServe officials regarding its advertising support for Joy Reid and HuffPost.  However, the company continues to advertise.  HomeServe was recently purchased by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.  HomeServe would most certainly not support with its advertising dollars a white talk show host or white contributors engaging in such false, offensive and dangerous rhetoric about black people.  HomeServe certainly has the right to advertise on whatever shows it chooses.  Likewise, you have the same right to voice concern and not patronize companies that support racist, anti-white program content.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage HomeServe and its parent company Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. officials to stop supporting woke leftist hate and propaganda on The ReidOut and Huffpost.com.

The email for this article was deactivated after the company stopped advertising.

Contact information:

Brookfield leadership (parent company)

Sam Pollock, CEO
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

Bruce Flatt, CEO
Brookfield Corporation

Nicholas Goodman, CFO
Brookfield Corporation

HomeServe Leadership

Tom Rusin, CEO
HomeServe North America

Mike Murney, CFO
HomeServe North America

Karen Walker, CFO
HomeServe Group

Miriam McKay, Communications Director
HomeServe Group

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