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A history of the battles and accomplishments for the Florida Family Association.

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Goldman Sachs is the top advertiser with Pearson plc, publisher of Islamist biased text books and promoter of Sharia compliant banks.

00000005 ffa  Category: left  Tags: Goldman Sachs, Pearson plc

Florida Family Association has influenced over 35,000 retail locations to stop selling pornography.

However, CIRCLE K STORES continue to be the Largest Convenience Store Chain In America that sells pornography. more...
00000004 ffa  Category: left  Tags: circle k stores, pornography

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ISIS recruitment from Phoenix Mosque for attack in Garland Texas clearly shows why US District Court should not stop the NYPD from surveilling mosques.
2015052 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Raza et al v. City of New York et al

Court lifts YouTube ban on controversial film Innocence of Muslims. FFA supporters sent close to 25,000 emails to each appellate court judge urging this decision.
20150519 ffa  Category: Islamist  Tags: Garcia vs Google

E. Mishan and Sons Inc. says they are pulling their advertising off of Al Jazeera America thanks to your emails.
20150519 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Al Jazeera America

Georgetown University is helping Islamists to fight Islamophobia.
20150513 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Georgetown University

Merck becomes a top advertiser again on the Israel hating, Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood linked Al Jazeera America.
20150507 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Merck & Co.

San Antonio Human Resources Management Association eliminates CAIR from seminar entitled Understanding Islam in the Workplace.
20150506 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: CAIR

San Antonio Human Resources Management Association sponsors CAIR seminar for educational certification credit entitled Understanding Islam in the Workplace.
20150504 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: San Antonio Human Resources Management Association

CAIR’s Islamophobic report places bullseye on patriotic, America organizations including Florida Family Association for their fatwa followers.
20150502 ffa  Category:   Tags: CAIR, Islamophobic

Aimbridge Hospitality owned Embassy Suites Cleveland – Rockside gave CAIR Ohio a place on May 3rd to raise funds while CAIR fights for Sharia in America.
20150430 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Aimbridge Hospitality, Embassy Suites Cleveland – Rockside

Lasik Institute says no to Al Jazeera America. 223 companies have stopped advertising.
20150428 ffa  Category: Islamist  Tags: Al Jazeera America

Texas school district bowed to CAIR, forced teacher to resign without thorough investigation or balancing the facts.
20150427 ffa  Category: Islamists  Tags: Lamar CISD, Dale Woolverton, Foster High School

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Nessrriinn: "SHARIA LAW" ("She's buried chest high"), in deutscher Übersetz


American International Group (AIG) is the only Fortune 500 Company to advertise on Al Jazeera America during the fifteen months.

00000007 ffa  Category: Campaign  Tags: AIG sponsors Jihad TV, AIG, AIG Direct, American General Life and Accident Insurance Company

Two Hundred Eighteen (218) companies have stopped advertising on Al Jazeera America.

00000006 ffa  Category: Campaign  Tags: Al Jazeera America, Qatar

MTV partners with CAIR to shape television programming for 500 million households despite the group’s Islamist Agenda.

00000005 ffa  Category: Campaign  Tags: MTV, Viacom

Please report major oil branded stores that sell pornography using Florida Family Association’s email contact list and easy instructions.

00000003 ffa  Category: Campaign  Tags: Amoco, British Petroleum, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Conoco, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Hess, Marathon, Murphy Oil, Sunoco, major oil retai

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