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For Advocacy issues (where we suggest you take action by sending emails to corporate or elected officials) you can follow the quick and easy instructions on the screen.

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Disappointed that Kit and Ace is advertising at the Huffington Post whose biased religious propaganda is offensive to Christians and Jews.
Thank you for your decision to move the polling location from the Islamic Center of Boca Raton to the nearby Spanish River Library.
Please stop publishing Islamophobia propaganda at UC Berkley which suppresses speech and weakens public safety.
Given the two very destructive ISIS recruits from your community I respectfully urge your office to please perform your own investigations.
FAU Professor Bassem Alhalabi praising Sharia cutting off hands and ties to Islamist extremism is outrageous for a university professor.
Please stand your ground against the demand for special breaks for Muslim prayer in the workplace.
Please stand strong against CAIR’s bullying as they defend the oppressive hijab that is pushed by extremists.
Thankful for Southwest Airlines protocol for passenger safety.
Very disappointed that St. Petersburg Catholic High School allowed pro-Islamist leader to address students.
Please reconsider Fox plans to produce Chad: An American Boy.
Disappointed that Walmart sells Crescent foods which helps support Sharia law and fatwas in America.
Very disappointed that First Congregational Church of Westfield is working with Church World Service to settle Syrian refugees into the United States.
Very disappointed that Lutheran Services Carolinas is settling Syrian refugees into the United States.
Very disappointed that Drury Lane is hosting another Hamas linked CAIR fundraiser.
Hamas linked CAIR rally in support of Governor Nixon welcoming Syrian refugees is most troubling.
Please make national security, public safety and jobs for Americans the priority in Chobani hiring practices.
Please stand your ground against demand for mass Muslim prayer in the workplace.
Your release of terror suspect Sultane Roome Salim shorted the public safety of all Americans for political correctness.
Very disappointed that American Airlines gave an award to a leader of the Hamas linked CAIR.
It is incomprehensible that Marriott will host CAIR banquet for a fourth time given their sympathy for terrorist allies, support for Sharia law and angst toward Israel.
Please do not allow Ohio to become the first state in the union to sanction hijabs for police officers.
It is horrific that Juan Sanchez was only set free because of your refusal to cooperate with federal officials on immigration.
Thank you for sustaining a values neutral dress policy for police officers.
Thank you for giving the maximum possible sentence to the Qazi brothers.
Very disappointed that Oklahoma City University officials empowered Hamas linked CAIR to belittle and attack prominent Americans.
Please stop publishing Islamophobia propaganda at Georgetown University which suppresses speech and weakens public safety.
Very disappointed that Ambridge Hospitality owned Embassy Suites hosted CAIR fundraiser.
Very disappointed that the Pyramid Hotel Group owned Westchase Marriott hosted CAIR Houston fundraiser while CAIR fights for Sharia in America.
Alarmed that Marriott Springfield Country Club hosted event with Dzhokhar-Tsarnaevs imam who shared ties with senior al qaeda operative.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt future publications need to be more fairly and legally balanced.
Please investigate the activities of the Islamic Tribunal and enforce all appropriate laws.
Alarmed by recitation of Islamic prayers, omission of pages on Judaism and Christianity.
Please do not allow school property to be used in the future to wage the Islamist propaganda war on America.
Very disappointed that Driftwood owned Hilton Tampa Downtown hosted the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Thank you for supporting the Center for Security Policy.
Deportation of Sami Al-Arian raises more concern and disappointment regarding Sam’s Club $2,500 donation to the mosque he founded and chaired.
Cannot believe that MTV wants CAIR advice on congenial treatment of others given the organization’s history.
Very disappointed that Home Depot is allowing CAIR to indoctrinate managers with Sharia compliant employment practices.
Shame on Brandeis University for siding with terrorist sympathizers over terrorized women.
Very disappointed in Goldman Sachs advertising support for the Financial Times given Pearson plc bias and promotion for Islamists.
Pearson response to concerns regarding World History textbook misinformation and imbalance is inadequate.
Very concerned that Hilton hosted CAIR event with pro-jihad speaker.
A public appeal for Governor Rick Scott to direct FDLE or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Fatimah Abdallah

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