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For Advocacy issues (where we suggest you take action by sending emails to corporate or elected officials) you can follow the quick and easy instructions on the screen.

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Very troubled that Starwood Hotels and Resorts leads the country in hotel properties that are hosting Islamist political organization conferences.
Page Publishing misrepresented their intentions about advertising on the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood linked Al Jazeera America.
Very disappointed that Driftwood owned Hilton Tampa Downtown is hosting the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Very disappointed that Hilton Anaheim is hosting the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Very disappointed that Drury Lane hosted the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Alarmed to see Samsung advertisement associated with USA Today headline article lauding Sharia in America.
Shocked that Mr. Warren lied about pulling ads off AJA, ironically invoked patriotism and is threatening legal action.
Thank you for supporting the Center for Security Policy.
Very disappointed to learn Sams Club gave $2,500 to mosque named after military wing of Hamas, directed by man who pleaded guilty to raising support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Astounded that Telebrands started advertising on Hamas linked Al Jazeera America again.
Astounded that AIG Direct advertisements continue to air on Hamas linked Al Jazeera America after receiving emails of concern from thousands of consumers.
I will remember continued hosting of Hamas linked CAIR banquets by Marriott when booking my hotel accommodations in the future.
Very disappointed to learn that Dutch Glow advertises on Al Jazeera America.
Cannot believe that MTV wants CAIR advice on congenial treatment of others given the organization’s history.
Very disappointed to learn that Rosetta Stone is advertising on Al Jazeera America.
Very disappointed that Home Depot is allowing CAIR to indoctrinate managers with Sharia compliant employment practices.
Shame on Brandeis University for siding with terrorist sympathizers over terrorized women.
Please affirm district court order in Cindy Lee Garcia vs. Google 12-57302
Very disappointed in Goldman Sachs advertising support for the Financial Times given Pearson plc bias and promotion for Islamists.
World History textbook bias for Islamists is unacceptable.
Pearson response to concerns regarding World History textbook misinformation and imbalance is inadequate.
Very concerned that Hilton hosted CAIR event with pro-jihad speaker.
Al Jazeera hardline support of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood is good reason to drop Al Jazeera America.
Amerimar Enterprise should be ashamed for showing Islamic extremists favor over American traditionalists.
A public appeal for Governor Rick Scott to direct FDLE or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Fatimah Abdallah
Shell Oil is the only major oil company that allows independent retailers to sell smut magazines
Circle K Stores is the Largest Convenience Store Chain In America that sells pornography.
Click on link to send email to Disney for allowing Gay Day to occur while thousands of children are in the Magic Kingdom.

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