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For Advocacy issues (where we suggest you take action by sending emails to corporate or elected officials) you can follow the quick and easy instructions on the screen.

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Please grant the Motion to Abate in Pareto v. Ruvin petitioned by Harvey Ruvin, Clerk of the Court .
Shame on Brandeis University for siding with terrorist sympathizers over terrorized women.
Shame on Brandeis University for siding with terrorist sympathizers over terrorized women.
Please perform due diligence to prevent posting of inaccurate ad copy that diminishes the integrity of other faiths.
Please support HB 903 - Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.
Please support SB 386 - Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.
Please don’t make exceptions for Islamists in Garcia v Google En Banc appeal.
Non-stop movie content is grotesquely offensive to 9/11 family members and combat veterans.
Please stop supporting Financial Times’ and other Pearson plc properties’ advancement of Sharia.
Very disappointed that Chevrolet advertisements promote same-sex marriage.
Why would Expedia.com invest in advertising that yields them 25 negative impressions for each one they pay for at Al Jazeera America?
Very disappointed in Goldman Sachs advertising support for the Financial Times given Pearson plc bias and promotion for Islamists.
Disappointed that Lego sponsored first Disney Channel show that targeted young girls with lesbian relationships.
Very disappointed to learn that Hair Club is advertising on Al Jazeera America.
Please stop sponsoring the Disney Channel now that they push LGBT content on children during Good Luck Charlie.
World History textbook bias for Islamists is unacceptable.
Dismayed that Wells Fargo sponsorship empowered GLAAD to censor Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson.
Very disappointed to learn that National Media Connection is advertising on Al Jazeera America.
Pearson response to concerns regarding World History textbook misinformation and imbalance is inadequate.
Very dismayed that Marriott hosted a second large Islamist event in less than three months.
Very concerned about Dollar Shave Club's support for Jihad TV
Please stop supporting Jihad TV.
Very concerned that Hilton hosted CAIR event with pro-jihad speaker.
Disappointed that a Quorum Hotel hosted event with speaker who maligns American patriots.
Sam Kharoba and CTOC training provide valuable public service that helps to protect our safety.
Very disappointed that Marriott hosted national banquet for Council on American Islamic Relations.
Will Starwood hotels allow pro-Sharia, Islamist organizations to use their American properties in the future?
Please stop equating Jehovah, Yahweh with Allah and constitutional liberties with Sharia law.
Will Cathedral Hills Associates allow pro-Sharia, Islamist organizations to use their properties in the future?
Paterson City recognition of Palestinian-American Day is offensive to millions of Americans.
Please stop supporting Chris Matthews hate and lies with your advertising dollars.
I am disappointed that Capital One is supporting this traitorous company with advertising dollars.
Please put America first by dropping the Al Jazeera America channel.
I will rule out doing business with Dish Network until Dish rules out future sponsorship of MAS-ICNA.
Will Tishman Hotels allow anti-Semitic, pro-jihad, pro-Sharia, Islamist organizations to use their properties in the future?
I will remember Maybelline’s advertising support for this irresponsible program.
Lady Gaga’s date with Wikileaks founder and smoking cannabis on stage makes her a poor role model for America’s youth.
Channel One Network wrong to proselytize and present distorted version of Islam to public school students.
Amerimar Enterprise should be ashamed for showing Islamic extremists favor over American traditionalists.
AARP advocacy for LGBT political agenda is inappropriate and disrespectful.
A public appeal for Governor Rick Scott to direct FDLE or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Fatimah Abdallah
Shell Oil is the only major oil company that allows independent retailers to sell smut magazines
Circle K Stores is the Largest Convenience Store Chain In America that sells pornography.
Click on link to send email to Disney for allowing Gay Day to occur while thousands of children are in the Magic Kingdom.

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