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For Advocacy issues (where we suggest you take action by sending emails to corporate or elected officials) you can follow the quick and easy instructions on the screen.

Click on any link below to send your emails . . .
Please uphold Columbus Police Department values neutral dress code for law enforcement.
Merck & Co. continued advertising support for Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood linked Al Jazeera America is most concerning.
Please remember Iran president Rouhani said Saying death to America is easy, we need to express death with action. Please oppose Iran deal.
Thank you for your decision to vote against the Iran deal and to override the president.
Very disappointed that Pulaski Law Firm advertises TVM Advocates on Al Jazeera America.
Very concerned that the City of Seattle is considering policies to promote Sharia finance.
It is horrific that Juan Sanchez was only set free because of your refusal to cooperate with federal officials on immigration.
Disappointed that Page Publishing advertises on Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood linked Al Jazeera America.
Thank you for sustaining a values neutral dress policy for police officers.
Thank you for giving the maximum possible sentence to the Qazi brothers.
Very disappointed that Oklahoma City University officials empowered Hamas linked CAIR to belittle and attack prominent Americans.
Very disappointed that Georgetown University is uniting abortion activists, homosexual activists and illegal immigration activists with Islamists to fight Islamophobia.
Very disappointed that Ambridge Hospitality owned Embassy Suites hosted CAIR fundraiser.
Please make this situation right by performing a thorough investigation, balancing the facts and reinstating Dale Woolverton as a teacher.
Disappointed that CareOne Credit and AscendOne advertise on Al Jazeera America.
Very disappointed that the Pyramid Hotel Group owned Westchase Marriott hosted CAIR Houston fundraiser while CAIR fights for Sharia in America.
Governor Bush, it is very encouraging to know that the Right to Rise PAC has an advisor who is concerned about Sharia law and the threat of Islamization of America.
Senator Cruz, it is very encouraging to know that you are addressing a group that is concerned about the threat of Islamization of America.
Thank you, Bobby Jindal, for your bold stand regarding the threat of Islamization of America.
Alarmed that Marriott Springfield Country Club hosted event with Dzhokhar-Tsarnaevs imam who shared ties with senior al qaeda operative.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt future publications need to be more fairly and legally balanced.
Please investigate the activities of the Islamic Tribunal and enforce all appropriate laws.
Alarmed by recitation of Islamic prayers, omission of pages on Judaism and Christianity.
Disappointed that Derm advertises on Al Jazeera America given owners permissive support for ISIS and network executives disdain for Paris murder victims.
ISIS recruitment from Phoenix Mosque for attack in Garland Texas evidences why US District Court should not stop the NYPD from surveilling mosques.
Please do not allow school property to be used in the future to wage the Islamist propaganda war on America.
Very disappointed that Driftwood owned Hilton Tampa Downtown hosted the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Very disappointed that Hilton Anaheim hosted the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Very disappointed that Drury Lane hosted the Hamas linked CAIR fund raiser.
Alarmed to see Samsung advertisement associated with USA Today headline article lauding Sharia in America.
Thank you for supporting the Center for Security Policy.
Deportation of Sami Al-Arian raises more concern and disappointment regarding Sam’s Club $2,500 donation to the mosque he founded and chaired.
Did an AIG official ask the FBI to ground (censor) an aircraft with a banner that exposed AIG sponsorship of Al Jazeera America?
I will remember continued hosting of Hamas linked CAIR banquets by Marriott when booking my hotel accommodations in the future.
Alarmed that SAS Group Dutch Glow supports Al Jazeera given their permissive support for ISIS and disdain for Paris murder victims.
Cannot believe that MTV wants CAIR advice on congenial treatment of others given the organization’s history.
Very disappointed to learn that Rosetta Stone is advertising on Al Jazeera America.
Very disappointed that Home Depot is allowing CAIR to indoctrinate managers with Sharia compliant employment practices.
Shame on Brandeis University for siding with terrorist sympathizers over terrorized women.
Very disappointed in Goldman Sachs advertising support for the Financial Times given Pearson plc bias and promotion for Islamists.
World History textbook bias for Islamists is unacceptable.
Pearson response to concerns regarding World History textbook misinformation and imbalance is inadequate.
Very concerned that Hilton hosted CAIR event with pro-jihad speaker.
Alarmed that DirecTV carries Al Jazeera given their permissive support for ISIS and disdain for Paris murder victims.
Amerimar Enterprise should be ashamed for showing Islamic extremists favor over American traditionalists.
A public appeal for Governor Rick Scott to direct FDLE or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Fatimah Abdallah
Shell Oil is the only major oil company that allows independent retailers to sell smut magazines
Circle K Stores is the Largest Convenience Store Chain In America that sells pornography.

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